Friday, April 08, 2005

Those Geniuses in MLB

So I'm watching the Orioles-Yankees game, and I see something that strikes me as very odd, almost like somebody hacked into the Yankee Stadium advertising system as a joke. Right there in the most prominent placement for a promo board, right behind home plate and thus in the picture the majority of the television time, is multiple panels of an advertisement for...a weightlifting supplement.

To be precise,, whose main product page says that among the key benefits of their product line are:

  • Energizes, While Combating Fatigue
  • Helps Maintain Focus During Workouts
  • Increases Fat Burning with Exercise
  • Encourages Muscle Recovery & Repair

Oh yeah, this is really the kind of sponser MLB needs to be courting right now. Can BALCO sponsoring the All Star Game Home Run Contest be far behind?

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