Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When a blowout is not really a blowout

Seattle's 42-0 win over Philly on Monday looks like a lopsided game at first glance, and certainly did to those of use who turned it on every half hour or so to check the score, but in fact it was a record setting misleading final of sorts. The 42 point margin was the largest in NFL history for a team gaining fewer than 200 yards, in this case 194. It broke the record set by the Football Giants in a 36-0 defeat of a Redskins team quarterbacked by Sammy Baugh and in their second year in Washington after a move from Boston, the New Yorkers only gaining 160 yards in that December 4, 1938 game. Of Seattle's 6 touchdowns, 3 were scored on defense and another on a 2 yard "drive" after another turnover. The game was even everywhere except where it counted, on the scoreboard.


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