Saturday, January 14, 2006

They must REALLY hate the Patriots

Those silly PC busybodies in the Pacific Northwest are at it again:

CHEAP SHOTS: To avoid insulting native American heritage, the Seattle Times decided to limit severely the use of the term Redskins in the paper -- even if a team with that name will dominate news coverage this week. The Times will not use the moniker in headlines or captions. Reporters can use it only once, as a first reference, in all stories. The Redskins will be referred to almost exclusively as Washington -- which could get a little confusing for local readers who also live in that state.

As the always entertaining James Taranto points out:

If the Seattle Times is serious about this policy, though, it will also have to stop using the first word in the Seattle Seahawks' name. True, it's a reference to the city, but the city is named after Chief Seattle, who was what, in less enlightened Times, was known as an Indian.

So to keep this inoffensive to any self-righteous race-baiters who might be reading this, I'll point out that the Washington Seahawks are favored by 9.5 or 10 over the Washingtons. May the best Washington win.

Redskins LB Marcus Washington must really be confused right about now.


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