Monday, August 27, 2007

Truer words were never spoken

The execrable Bill Moyers has gotten himself into some hot water for an over the top hate rant against Karl Rove, including a fabrication that Rove is agnostic. Chris Wallace had the brilliant idea to actually ask Rove about his religious beliefs. And Moyer, and I'm not making this up, proceeded to attack Wallace for believing Rove himself over Moyers' hit squad hearsay on the subject of Rove's own beliefs. Moyer has become such a mindless hate monger that he defies parody, the reality sounds more ridiculous than anything one could make up, and his vicious tirades are issued on your dime. Wallace has his number in this video excerpt:

"There comes a time, it seems to me, when a man has been so utterly discredited as a hateful ignoramus that, not only should he be shunned by all people of good will, he should even be cut off from taxpayer subsidies. Is there anything--anything at all--that is too low for PBS to countenance?"

Hear, hear, let's get this former-journalist-now-Michael-Savage-wannabe off the public dole.

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