Sunday, December 23, 2007


Some great 1973 game photos from J.D. Hastings.


More than you ever wanted to know about the shoes Kobe has worn since entering the NBA.


With Andrew Bynum in his third season and having already jumped from lost rookie to average NBA center to star center, it's easy to forget just how young this guy is. Here's a list of NBA players younger than Bynum: teammate Javaris Crittenton, Kevin Durant (Sea), Spencer Hawes (Sac) and Thaddeus Young (Phi). And Greg Oden (Por), who will not make his NBA debut until next year.

So Bynum should have more improvement left in him than all but five NBA players. And he's already an impact player, the second best on a deep Lakers roster.

Is it any wonder that Kobe no longer wants to be traded?


You've got to love those records that pass from one Laker to another, as was the case today when Kobe surpassed Wilt as the "Youngest to reach 20,000 points."

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