Saturday, August 09, 2008

You're lucky I typed this, etc.

I suppose you do about 99.44% of your writing on either your keyboard or your phone/PDA these days, like I do. So what happens when you try to put pen to paper?

For me, it’s ugly. I used to be an obsessively neat writer, and I can still print very well if I don’t try to rush it. But my cursive writing is just awful unless I slow it to an absolute crawl, and even then it’s probably not up to my fifth grade standards.

I guess that it’s not like riding a bike, as they say.


Happy 34th birthday to one of the finest human beings in public life: Lakers G Derek Fisher.


John Hinderaker has a question that, for me at least, is pretty easy to answer:

So, how should we deal with our energy needs? By aggressively seeking new sources of energy, including domestic petroleum reserves that would have been accessed already but for Congressional bans, or by inflating our tires, turning down our air conditioning, staying home instead of going on vacation, and generally accepting a less prosperous future?

My answer is the same as his:

We do, however, need the government to increase energy supply--not because the government should go into the energy business, but because various statutes and regulations are now blocking private industry from developing energy reserves. Government action is necessary because past, ill-advised government action is the problem.
For politicians to hector us to reduce our energy consumption in the face of rising prices is both unnecessary and condescending. Out of necessity, most of us will do that. But a lowered standard of living isn't the solution to the problem of high energy costs, it is the problem.

As usual, the main reason we need government is to fix the previous mistakes made by government. It’s a theme you will see repeatedly here.


Media 101: A man threatens to assasinate Obama and Bush. CBS and CNN report the threat to kill Obama but edit the threat to Bush out of the story. The full story would have obscured the anti-Obama = racist narrative, indeed you might call it an inconvenient truth.


So who’s going to launch in honor of the empty suit from North Carolina?


Glenn Reynolds echoes what so many of us have been wondering:

SO NOW THAT WE KNOW THAT THE PRESS COVERED FOR EDWARDS -- just as, pre-invasion, they covered for Saddam -- that raises a question: What else are they not telling us for fear it will hurt the Democrats' prospects?

I guess we'll get some of the answers sometime between January 2009 and never.

Funny that a fourth hand rumor of a rumor that McCain might have had an affair is a front page story for the New York Times, but visual evidence that Edwards had one is not even worthy of the kind of bottom of page 21 paragraph that is usually reserved for Democrat indiscretion in the paper.

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