Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What about Blogging Americans? etc.

We know that Democrats love defining people by group membership instead of acknowledging them as individuals, but I still find this list of categories of Obama supporters to be hilarious.

They alphabetized it, presumably to avoid offending anybody, but I think they missed a golden opportunity to rank the groups in order of how much they are oppressed by evil white men. Should African Americans or LGBT be ranked higher? I can’t say, but I’m sure there is some platform approved answer.

What about people who cross over into more than one group? If I’m a senior lesbian Pacific islander woman of faith living abroad who’s an environmentalist and a union member, which group do I join?

And hey, why isn’t White Guys a category? Is this tent truly big? I don’t see Verbose Americans either, so I have no idea where Joe Biden fits.

My favorite is the priceless new euphemism for American Indians…First Americans. For those occasions when “Native American” is no longer sufficiently politically correct.

My favorite line is “We're ready to take the offense for organized labor.” If this list tells me anything, it’s that they’re ready to take offense on behalf of pretty much anybody for pretty much anything. And what about disorganized labor, like the day laborers that congregate at a local convenience store waiting to be hired for cash. Oh, never mind…Latinos!

And why would Americans with Disabilities vote Obama, when his party believes in the right to eliminate them before birth precisely because they are to be born with said disability? Curious group there, maybe it should be called “Americans Democrats Think Should Be Aborted.”

This page is just a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the modern liberal.


Obama’s formal nomination last Thursday should prove to even the remaining knuckle-dragging holdouts that America is the least racist society in the world. That has been obvious to most of us for 2-3 decades by now, but there is still a bigoted element that is desperate to keep alive the myth of the US as an inherently and irredeemably racist society.

That notion looks pretty indefensible today, but it won’t stop those who get rich from the politics of grievance from continuing to pretend that it’s still 1963. Nor will it convince the academics who promote “[insert group name] Studies” pseudo-scholarship from preaching their message of hate. But you have to think that those few reactionary holdouts are becoming marginalized in the way that their ideological brethren in the neo-Nazi and white supremacist movements were a few decades back.

However you feel about Obama the man, politician or candidate, we owe him a debt of gratitude for that.


The old joke “World ends; blacks, women hardest hit” is supposed to be a slap at media bias. But then you hear that House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said that African-Americans are/would be “disproportionately impacted” by climate change.

Proving once again that parody in this age of rampant political correctness is no longer possible.


In 1970, almost 60% of the oil consumed by the US was produced domestically. Now it’s 25%. Since the peak in 1970, US oil production has declined by a stunning 47%.

Any politician that has ever, at any point since 1970, done anything to block new oil exploration and drilling or new refinery construction has been derelict in the service of his constituents. May history judge them harshly.

The supposed rationale for this nearly four decades of obstruction has been that the people should sacrifice for the benefit of the environment (or, to be more accurate, environmental special interests). But that does not stand up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny, as the most advanced and safest drilling and transporting technologies are those of US companies.

Diminishing US production means more from places like Venezuela, the “Stan” countries, and Africa, as well as the usual laundry list of countries whose goal is the establishment of a global caliphate. Closing the Arctic to the US means that Russia will explore and drill it. Keeping us from drilling off the coast of Florida means that China (with cooperation from Cuba) does instead.

How many of those countries do you expect to do a better job of drilling, transporting and refining in an environmentally sound manner than we could? I’ll submit that it’s the same as the number of Texas Rangers World Series games I’ve attended.

I will go back to a conclusion I frequently reach after these types of discussions: it’s not about a desire to avoid damage to the environment, it’s about a desire to damage the US. And to make a few green special interests and a whole bunch of lawyers filthy rich in the process, on your dime.


Management consultant types love to talk about thinking outside the box, but that doesn’t keep some people from thinking inside the box.


Socialized medicine 101: 64-year-old Barbara Wagner of Springfield, Oregon has lung cancer. The Oregonian describes her experience with the state’s health care rationing scheme:

After her oncologist prescribed a cancer drug that would cost $4,000 a month, the newspaper reported, "Wagner was notified that the Oregon Health Plan wouldn't cover the treatment, but that it would cover palliative, or comfort, care, including, if she chose, doctor-assisted suicide."

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that a state that would encourage and pay for a cancer patient’s suicide but not pay for her chemotherapy is going in the Obama column in November.

The notion that some lives have less value than others, especially before birth and near death, is a core principle of leftist political thought. It’s good that we have laboratories like Oregon to inform us of some of the consequences of unchecked liberalism.

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