Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Are you a child? etc.

April Fool's jokes are pretty funny. And then you enter junior high, at which point...not so much anymore. If you are still telling them as an adult, shame on you.


Obama’s "Organizing for America Pledge Project,” asking Americans to pledge:

“I support President Obama's bold approach for renewing America's economy.
I will ask friends, family, and neighbors to pledge their support for this plan.”

Seriously…a loyalty oath? Will gulags be constructed in North Dakota to house dissenters?


Phoenix’s switch back to “7 seconds or less” is producing some historic offensive performances. They scored 140+ (in regulation) in 4 of their first 16 games under Alvin Gentry. That had been done just 8 times total in the previous decade.


I would say if your prank can be seen by Google Earth, it’s a success.


The big lie: Obama Used ‘Invest’ or ‘Investment’ 18 Times in Press Conference to Describe Government Deficit Spending

You might say he’s trying to put lipstick on a pig.


Hope and change! Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Backers


Welfare: not just for the poor anymore:

One of the workers here [Warren County, Ohio] just approved an ongoing food stamp case where the family has over $80,000 in the bank, owns a 2001 Toyota and 2006 Mercedes Benz, and a $311,000 home that is paid for. Monthly benefits of over $500 in FS, received over $300 in expedited.

3 household members — husband, wife, and child. Wife recently lost job, husband receives SS benefits.

Keep your 80 grand and Mercedes, force the taxpayers to feed you…it’s change we can believe in!


At least one group thriving in the down economy: lobbyists, for whom the Obama administration has been a godsend:

In a Down Time Everywhere Else, K Street Bustles
Lobbyists Find Plenty of Work as Clients Contend for Stimulus Package's Billions

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