Thursday, July 30, 2009

And now for some frivolity

Who isn’t touched by a nice love story? Like…the sacred bond between the guy who likes children and the girl who likes beagles. Okay, not exactly Lifetime movie fare.

Proof there is a God, and He is a just God: Explorers On Global Warming Expedition Stranded in North Pole by Cold Weather

Don’t you wish that Harry Carey was alive and doing SWAC basketball?

Does this Baylor tennis player have a sister named Miso?

Dept. of Unfortunate Appellations:

World’s worst video game, the Helen Keller Simulator


Greatest story ever?: The world of Mexican midget wrestling was rocked to its tiny foundations this week, when a pair of pint-sized, twin performers were murdered -- apparently by poison-wielding hookers they met in a sleazy bar.

I can’t imagine why this street name fell out of favor.

Not getting the whole cap concept.

We didn’t start the flame war.

She should have SEALed it up.

Gifts for your baby mama, even if your baby’s white and she’s Latina.

Unfortunate patio furniture.

Finally, I’ve found some help.

For the woman who’s too lazy to actually wear a thong.

Why I don’t trust card players.

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