Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exposing the con

Kudos to Senator Orrin Hatch for attempting to insert the following amendment to the Senate Finance Committee markup of the Baucus bill:

The purpose of this amendment is simple. If the secretary of Health and Human Services certifies that more than 1 million Americans would lose the current coverage of their choice because of this bill, then this bill would not go into effect.

It seems like a very, very simple but perfect amendment for those of us who have integrity. This amendment is simply trying to safeguard President Obama's pledge to the American people, you'll get -- that you will get to keep what you have.

Not suprisingly, every Democrat on the committee voted "no."

As John at Powerline noted:

One of President Obama's mantras with regard to the Democrats' health care proposal (whatever it turns out to be) is that if you like your present health insurance coverage, you will get to keep it. More recently, when the fraudulent nature of that pledge was revealed, he changed the formula to "the bill won't require you to lose your coverage." That's right; it won't require you to lose your coverage, it will just cause you to lose your coverage.

And, to expand on that theme, it is designed to cause you to lose your coverage and have to rely on government for insurance, as well as cede government the power to make all of the health care decisions that were formerly yours.

Nobody seriously disputes that any of the proposed bills will cause 10's of millions to lose their insurance coverage. The divide now is between those who try to cover up that fact and those who try to expose it.

This is not about health care, never has been. It's about control, a massive transfer of wealth and power from the people to the federal government. People who are dependent on government for survival are easier to control, and their votes are easier to earn since all you have to do is buy them.

This whole debate, like so many others. is about government vs freedom. The people have come down squarely on the side of freedom. The question now is whether the politicians in power will accede to the will of the people, or whether their natural totalitarian instincts will rule the day.

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