Friday, September 04, 2009

We're (almost) all neocons now

Jennifer Rubin:

“Politics is replete with irony but none greater than the sight of a president, who rose to power decrying the ultimately successful effort in one battlefield in the war on terror, looking now to those dreaded neo-con pundits and Republican lawmakers for support against the pre-9/11 mentality he was all too happy to promote on the campaign trail. . . . Maybe Obama should put aside the anti-Bush venom for a moment and give his predecessor a call—he might learn something about the lonely obligation of a commander in chief to resist the howls from the likes of Will, Hagel, and the netroots.”

I find it fascinating that the one issue on which he ran to the left is the one on which he has lurched right. On everything else, he ran as a faux centrist and governs as a hard leftist, but on Afghanistan he's downright neocon.

Of course this also means that he campaigned honestly on...well, nothing.

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