Friday, February 12, 2010

Point at foot, fire gun

An Instapundit reader on some of the silly attacks, based entirely on their own ignorance, emanating recently from the fever swamps:

Let’s see. ABC News didn’t know something like 2COR 4:6 refers to a bible quote. The YALE’s Daily News editorial staff likewise lacks anybody, besides the gent penning the screed about Palin, with recent exposure to anyone who has a child, wife, husband, parent or loved one in the war. And as a bonus apparently neither do any of the legions of other left wing sites jumping on the ‘bracelet scandal” bandwagon. If I were running an Information Operation (IO), say in support of an unconventional warfare campaign aimed at prompting a rebellion against an entrenched ruling class, I’d be looking to plant memes in the civilian population. Memes that suggest their rulers are detached from the population’s daily lives and concerns. Memes that make it obvious that despite an ongoing war most of the ruling class don’t have children in the military themselves and despite protestations to the contrary don’t share the population’s faith either.

If I were running an IO campaign myself, but I’m not. I’m having too much fun watching them run it against themselves.

Live in a bubble, die by the bubble.

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