Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kos takes on affirmative action

As you may know, Markos of Daily Kos rotates in a fresh set of front page bloggers every year, and he has been making a list and checking it twice to figure out makes the cut. However you feel about his site in general, you have to admire his courage in going against the leftist orthodoxy and taking a stand against the affirmative action/diversity mongers and in favor of good old fashioned qualifications:

“I made my decisions, like I have in the past, based on two factors -- the first is merit. I don't concern myself with sex, race, ethnicity, or any of that stuff. This is a site about politics, and I wanted the best commenters on politics…That's how I like it, no matter how controversial that might be.” (note: he never identified the second factor).

I always admire those who will stick to their convictions even if it might draw some fire, and to that end I have to give kudos to Markos for stading against the soft bigotry of affirmative action, bravo!

Hat tip: Soxblog.


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