Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bonds will only be keeping it warm

From last night's All Star Game comes this jarring list:

Home Runs at 31 years, 348 days

Aaron 398 (Finished with 755)
Bonds 315 (Has 751)
Ruth 356 (Finished with 714)
Mays 370 (Finished with 660)
Alex Rodriguez 494

Wow. The guy will have 500 by very close to his 32nd birthday. It's to the point that the only questions are

Will he suffer a career-ending injury?
By how many will he break the HR record?

As with Bonds and Tiger Woods (and as I said with Federer and Nadal), watch and go see this guy as often as you can, he's the kind you will tell them about when you're an old man.

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