Monday, July 09, 2007

If only Bush had said it

Can you imagine the uproar if GWB had come up with a bit of genius like this?

"We are in a transition time in history when the only way we can get to where we need to be is by starting from where we are."

I know what you're thinking...either Dan Quayle is back in the public eye or his clone John Edwards is back on the campaign trail.

But no, this one comes from...the Reverend Albert Arnold Gore Jr, at Saturday's worldwide fundamentalist religious revival known as Live Earth.

How scary is it that this dolt spent 8 years being a madman's bullet and was later only a few hundred votes away from the presidency? It's a sobering thought.

UPDATE 7/9/07: The best synopsis of said revival comes from, oddly enough, front man Matt Bellamy of alt rock band Muse: "private jets for climate change."

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At 7/11/2007 9:31 PM, Blogger burlivespipe said...

Yep, but can't beat about a hundred moronic statements from the Pres. Or moronic decisions like pardoning Libby when he hadn't even served any time -- you do know that outing a federal agent is a treasonable offence, right?!
Oh well, keep on defending the indefensible...

At 7/12/2007 12:00 AM, Blogger Gary Collard said...

Not sure why the u-turn to the Libby pardon from an unrelated subject, but what the hell, new talking points must be slow this week.

You haven't done your homework on the Plame "outing," it was done by anti-Iraq War bureaucrat Richard Armitage to the anti-Iraq War journalist Robert Novak. Anti-Iraq war journalist David Corn was also responsible for leaking key aspects of her identity, as you doubtless are aware. You apparently believe that the prosecutor erred in not charging Armitage with treason, which seems a bit of a reach but is defensible and could be discussed further should you so desire.

A corollary is that whoever leaked info to the media with respect to the NSA international terrorist communications interception and the international terrorist fund transfer monitering system should also be charged with treason, as I'm sure you would agree.

To the subject you broach, I understand your concern about the Libby pardon. If Laura was running for the US Senate and Libby had made a major contribution to her campaign, or if Libby had made a major contirbution to GW's presidential library fund, you would enthusiastically support the Libby pardon. But since he didn't actually purchase said pardon, you're not on board. Fair enough.

I do not feel strongly about the issue of his pardon either way. One thing that is certain is that he committed precisely the same offense as former President Clinton did while in office, so their punishments should be equivalent whatever they may be. If you think that means Libby and Clinton should be sharing a cell, you'll get no huge argument from me.


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