Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kudos to Bank of America

I have two accounts with Bank of America, which are of linked online and which I pay online via bank transfer. In December I accidentally made two online payments to the same account and failed to make any payment to the other. I found it out when I got an e-mail notice that one of the online statements was ready, and the balance looked wrong, and sure enough on logging in I found my mistake, which had caused a $39.95 late fee on the unpaid card.

I figured this was going to be at least a bit of a hassle to sort out, but a call to BoA customer service had me on hold for about 10 seconds, and 90 seconds later my problem was solved as the rep had the incorrect payment transferred to the correct and the the late fee waived.

It is so rare these days to get quality customer service, especially on the phone, that I just feel compelled to point out when somebody is getting it very right. Thanks to Bank of America and keep it up.


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