Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The sky isn't falling, but take cover anyway!

Now that we are a decade into a global cooling cycle that is expected to last into the 2030’s, you are starting to see some panic set in among the global warming apocalyptists. This typically falls into the category of “pay no attention to the scientist behind the curtain.”

Thus I was fascinated to see the new approach by that reliable conduit of leftist propaganda, Paul Krugman. His prescription is notable for its honesty:

It’s true that scientists don’t know exactly how much world temperatures will rise if we persist with business as usual. But that uncertainty is actually what makes action so urgent. While there’s a chance that we’ll act against global warming only to find that the danger was overstated, there’s also a chance that we’ll fail to act only to find that the results of inaction were catastrophic. Which risk would you rather run?

Now that the actual climate data and prevailing science is inconvenient, we are advised that evidence is no longer important. We should forge ahead with a regulatory strangulation of the world’s (and in particular, the American) economy and drive tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions worldwide into poverty based on…well, an article of faith, which must be imposed on everybody by the force of law.

Bonus points if you’re asking yourself right about here…hey, what if global warming turns out to be beneficial to man? Heretic! You must repent and change your evil ways!

The goal is the same as it has always been – systematically implementing a discredited Utopian fantasy (socialism) against the will of the people. The agenda is nothing less than a rollback of the industrial and technological revolutions in favor of a state with unlimited power and control over every aspect of our lives.

Have you used your daily allowance of time having your PC running? Your daily air conditioning allotment? Can you mow the yard this week or have you used up your monthly ration of lawnmower credits? These are the kinds of questions that the apocalyptic global warming movement would have you deal with every day of your lives.

What is remarkable is that they no longer seem to be concerned with doing it stealthily. I suppose that desperate times call for desperate measures.

The next time you hear that the greatest danger to your children or grandchildren is global warming, remind the speaker that the greatest danger truly might be what advocates want government to do about global warming.

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