Saturday, September 20, 2008

A long drought, etc.

No blogging for a while due to illness, which will continue to keep it light for a while.

This week’s free play was on the postponed game. I am taking it down anyway as per my obligations, but know that there was no result.


When New England’s Matt Cassel started at QB on Sunday it was his first start in 3217 days, since a November 24, 1999 game for Chatsworth (CA) High School. He has been a backup to Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart at USC and to Tom Brady with the Patriots.

No word on whether he participated in Chatsworth’s primary industry…


I’m almost certain that Green Bay became the first team ever to take a 20+ point lead, then fall behind, then win by 20+. In this case they led 21-0 midway through the second quarter, only to see Detroit go on a 25-3 run to take a 25-24 lead midway through the fourth quarter, with the Packers recovering to score 24 points in the last 5:17 to win 48-25. Truly a remarkable game, and while I will keep a watch out and post it if I find another instance I am all but certain that this is unprecedented.


It’s not surprising that this wack job photographer would behave unethically; what is disappointing is that a major magazine would hire such a person in the first place. They had to expect that a known hate monger would produce more hate, right?


In a recent pre-Olympic qualifier, Slovakia’s women’s hockey team defeated Bulgaria by the ridiculous score of 82-0. Perhaps even more shocking is that the shots were 139-0. I can imagine a team being overmatched enough to get destroyed, but you would think that at some point they would have managed to throw a puck on the net.


Yawn…more voter fraud from ACORN. How is it again that this criminal organization is allowed to keep trying to steal elections?


The low life who hacked into Palin’s e-mail and posting contact information for her and her underage children will hopefully be caught and imprisoned for a long time, but what interests me in the story is that he was trying to help Obama but came up empty:

The hacker said that he read all of the e-mails in the Palin account and found "nothing incriminating, nothing that would derail her campaign as I had hoped. All I saw was personal stuff, some clerical stuff from when she was governor. And pictures of her family."

Hmmm, dirty tricks on behalf of the Obama campaign backfire…do you detect a trend here?

How many of our own e-mail accounts could survive such scrutiny from a hostile criminal? How would Obama’s, or Biden’s, or Pelosi’s, or Reid’s accounts hold up?

If Republican operatives prove to be as unethical and criminal as Democrat operatives, we shall find out. This was certainly a new low in modern political campaigning, a virtually identical action to the Watergate break-in with the added feature of targeting children.


So Hillary pulled out of an anti-Ahmadinejad demonstration in New York by Jewish organizations because she heard Palin would be attending and she had thought it was not to be a partisan event. What a bizarre excuse; if she was attending she clearly expected it to be a partisan event. Her problem seems to be that it turned out to be a BIpartisan event.

She does seem to be subtly trying to sabotage Obama, which makes speculation that Biden will resign to be replaced by her on the ticket seem highly unlikely to me. Her political future depends on an Obama loss, and I doubt she believes that her presence on the ticket would advance that agenda.


Taxes 101: The IRS has acknowledged that Jamey and Lora Costner of Newport are victims of identity theft and Congress has called on them to testify. Nevertheless, this young couple are being harassed yet again by the IRS for back taxes on income they never earned at a place they never worked (Koch Foods). This time, the feds have already taken $467 from Lora Costner's $401K fund to pay the debt they don't owe.


Note to socialized medicine advocates: don’t ask any actual Canadians if they like their health care system.

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