Friday, October 10, 2008

Greens for coal, etc.

Environmentalism 101: "By scaring people about the tiny levels of radiation emitted during the normal operation of a nuclear plant, [William] Tucker says, greens have effectively encouraged the construction of coal plants that actually release more radiation because of the traces of uranium in coal dust."


Genius stuff from Iowahawk: Obama’s most valuable staff member issues some demands.


I need to start spending more time in the gym.


I need to start spending more time in Nigeria.


My buddy Kevin O’Neill notes:

Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech are a combined 21-1 (95.4%) against the spread this season.

Obviously, that will change this weekend, but that is pretty damned impressive anyway.


Commentators are starting to note the current fad of “fact-checking,” which is more often opinion/advocacy journalism than actual checking of actual facts.

Thus you have to love this hilarious catch by James Taranto, where CNN fact-checks as true the same statement that ABC fact checks as false.


Power Line calls this the greatest political cartoon ever…no disagreement here.

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