Thursday, October 23, 2008

He’s even better at water polo, etc.

Christ runs for 232 yards in Catholic victory

I’m recruiting the guy who was able to tackle him…

God Shammgod could not be reached for comment.


Some perspective: You can tell by the reference that this Dan Henninger quote came at the start of primary season, but it’s worth rehashing as we hear the hyperbolic carping about how bad we have it as Election Day nears:

“Later today some people who will start their evening with Iowa's caucus by watching angry Lou Dobbs--convincing themselves, again, that they and this country are getting shafted, and coming to this conclusion while watching a $700, 32-inch Samsung flat-panel, high-definition TV with Lou's sad song flowing through Monster digital coax cables to five Onkyo HT-SR800 home theater speakers.”


It did not work, but this attempted power grab by the state of California (excerpted from an LA Times editorial) should give everybody a look into the mindset that could end up controlling the federal government in a few months:

California is proposing revisions to its housing code that would require all new or remodeled homes to have a "programmable communicating thermostat." Equipped with special "nonremovable" FM radio receivers, these devices would allow state power authorities to set the temperature in your home as they see fit. Ostensibly to manage demand during "price events" and other "emergencies," you would basically cede control of your home's heating and air conditioning to the state (when and if state officials wanted to exercise it).

These are the kinds of things that will make their way into new laws and regulations in a one-party government, all in the name of “climate change” (as “global warming” was rebranded a few years into the current global cooling cycle) or other well-intentioned causes.

The movement that would have government control every aspect of our lives is gaining momentum. Hopefully the people will push back while they are still allowed to do so.


Remember children, there are no illegal guns, there are only undocumented firearms.


Great moments in regulation: When the state of Indiana tried to legislate 3.2 as the value of pi.


Left/liberal vs. conservative/libertarian visions of economics: the left thinks that business should be accountable to bureaucrats, while the right thinks business should be accountable to customers.

To that end, a potential Democrat-controlled government will pass laws by the dozens and regulations by the tens of thousands to tell businesses what they can sell and how they can sell it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the innovation in (for example) cell phones, computers and televisions, because that kind of progress is likely to slow to a crawl if Washington is taken over by control freak nanny statists.


No matter how bad you might think the Weather Underground were…they were worse. Sure, they committed some murders and tried some mass murders, but they had loftier goals.

Namely, reeducation, to rid Americans of their capitalist and traditional American ideas. And for those who resisted, death – the WU estimated that they would need to kill 25 million Americans to achieve their goals.

Nah, launching your political career in the house of, having your political career nurtured and advanced by, maintaining a personal and professional friendship with, and sharing an office for three years with a one or sometimes two of these genocide fantasists, these modern-day Hitlers…no problem at all.

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