Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lamar is a good man

This is really cool: Lamar Odom, via his twitter, is holding a scavenger hunt for a pair of tickets to Game 1 of the playoffs. Here's the rundown:

First person to send twitpics of the 7 challenges will get a pair of playoff tix.

Disclaimer. 3 rules. All pics have 2 b taken outside. Not in a store or home. u gotta wear a Lakers hat in every pic. No photoshop.

1. you wearing a clippers Odom jersey
2. you with the Hollywood sign anywhere in the background. The real Hollywood sign
3. you standing next to a sign with a "7" and an "O" on it. You can't make sign.
4. you wearing purple shoes
5. you standing next to or in a car with a lakers flag.
6. pic of you wearing a Lakers top. Jersey, tee, tank ok.
7. you wearing an authentic Rich Soil Clothing T-shirt.

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