Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can't tell the names without a program

Poor and/or rebuilding teams will sometimes have big turnover as they shed contracts and guys who can bring assets in return, but even so the Pittsburgh Prates' transformation over the last year plus has been remarkable. They have only three players remaining on the current 25 man roster (as of August 6) from their 25 man roster on July 24 of last year: Ryan Doumit, Paul Maholm and Zach Duke. The others and how they left, courtesy of research done by John Lewis:

LF Jason Bay: traded to Boston 2008
CF Nate McLouth: traded to Atlanta 2009
RF Xavier Nady: traded to Yankees 2008
OF Jason Michaels: free agency 2008
1B Adam LaRoche: traded to Boston 2009
2B Freddy Sanchez: traded to Giants 2009
3B Jose Bautista: traded to Toronto 2008
SS Jack Wilson: traded to Seattle 2009
1B-3B Doug Mientkiewicz: free agency 2008
2B-SS Luis Rivas: free agency 2008
INF Chris Gomez: free agency 2008
C Raul Chavez: free agency 2008
P John Van Benschoten: free agency 2008
P Franquelis Osoria: free agency 2008
P Damaso Marte: traded to Yankees 2008
P John Grabow: traded to Cubs 2009
P Sean Burnett: traded to Washington 2009
P Ian Snell: traded to Seattle 2009 via AAA Indianapolis
P T.J. Beam: on waivers to Toronto 2009
P Denny Bautista: to AAA Indianapolis
P Yoslan Herrera: to AA Altoona
P Tyler Yates: on Disabled List

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At 8/13/2009 3:10 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

Here's a somewhat expanded version.

Remember Stanton Cameron and Terry Farrar.

Related text here.


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