Friday, October 09, 2009

Kick me again! But why?

John Hinderaker:

What is striking to me is that the Democrats seem to be doubling down: the stimulus bill on top of TARP; government medicine; cap and trade, still not dead; and now talk of Stimulus II. The Democrats are averting their eyes from the popular outcry against their policies and are hoping–somehow–to escape retribution at the polls. I liken them to a canoeist braving the rapids with his eyes closed, hoping for the best.

It's as if they have decided that becoming a minority party for a generation is worth is if they can just transfer enough wealth, power and control from the people to the federal government. Because our history over the last 80 years has shown that once freedoms have been seized, it's hard to get them back.

They know that the people will never willingly submit to the kind of totalitarian rule that they hold as an ideal. Thus the feeling of urgency to take advantage of this small window to create the kind of Utopian fantasy world where elites make all decisions and the population is subservient, or wait a few decades for a future generation who has forgotten the events of 2009.

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