Friday, February 26, 2010

Some Health Care Summit tweets

Tweets from the health care summit silliness that bear repeating, with some comments:

@Heritage: Want to talk Medicare? Obama's plan raises the Medicare payroll tax and extends it for the first time ever to investment income. [This is an incredibly disastrous, job-killing proposal - GMC]

@Heritage: The truth, Mr. President, is If govt controls both health benefits and pricing, healthcare is private in name only.

@CatoInstitute: Just because you SUBSIDIZE health care premiums does not make the premiums lower.

@Heritage: Obama's plan creates a govt-run market with price controls. That brings shortages and waiting lists.

@Heritage: President Obama isn't mentioning that putting young people in larger pool increases THEIR costs.

@philipaklein: Harkin compares insurance risk pooling to racial segregation!

@kararowland: Sen. Rockefeller: "You have to clip [the insurance companies'] wings every way you can." [What about government's much bigger wings, sir? - GMC]

@Heritage: Deficts: Obama plan costs $1+ trillion over 10 yrs, raises taxes $414 bill = $600 bill deficit [And the real cost looks more like $2.5 trillion - GMC]

@mkhammer: "Most cynical gimmick in the doc fix. Provision was taken out & it's been going along as stand-alone legislation."

@Heritage: Sen Coburn makes the salient point – benefits must be paid for with current or future taxes

Lots more good stuff, just look in my twitter feed in the politics list for the relevant time period (Feb 25th daytime).

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