Saturday, June 05, 2010

Game 1 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 1 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 1 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:13 @McTen: Every Ron-run fastbreak needs the Benny Hill theme music played behind it

8:17 @KDonhoops: Is Pau Gasol the only big man in the league that can recover and score that quickly when the chair is pulled on him?

8:29 @KevinDing: That kind of stupid pass to Kobe from Jordan Farmar was how Kobe fractured his finger in the first place. Lakers 18, Celtics 16.

8:41 @johnhollinger: If you had nine reserves playing in the first quarter, you may now collect your 1,000-to-1 bet.

8:45 @forumbluegold: Lakers off. efficiency is 108.3 after the first quarter. Celtics' is at 87.5.

8:58 @LAMase: Artest gave away 2 tix to Gm 1 in Twitter contest. Winners are on the court like Nicholson. Artest paid $18K for them!!!

[Artest may be odd, but this season I have learned that he is a fantastic guy.]

9:04 @russbengston: If you drained Andrew Bynum's knee and put it in front of Big Baby, he'd drink it right?

9:08 @ESPNLandOLakers: That's what Fisher does well- gets the guy to drive in the direction help can come. BK

9:15 @johnschuhmann: Bynum has had quite a few screens that have led to baskets.

9:20 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers +5 in last three minutes of both the first and second quarter. That's good. BK

9:20 @johnschuhmann: Much slower pace in that 2nd Q: 21 poss. each. Lakers w/ 50 points on 46 possessions. Celtics w/ 41 on 46.

[Because there were fewer free throws in the second.]

9:22 @forumbluegold: At the half, the Lakers off. efficiency is 113.6 on 57.8% true shooting. The C's are at 93.2 on 49.3% true shooting.

9:25 @lazenby: Here's good news for Lakers fans. The Celtics team that destroyed the Cavs and Magic is not on the floor in LA today.

[Yeah, they were, just a big step up in competition.]


9:49 @mdotbrown: There were less whistles when the Playboy mansion was under construction

9:55 @KDonhoops: Three combined rebounds from KG and Perkins in almost 44 minutes.

9:57 @KDonhoops: Soft?

9:59 @KDonhoops: SOFT?

10:12 @russbengston: Pretty sure Rasheed pushes all of his stuff to the arena in a shopping cart.

10:16 @johnschuhmann: Lakers' 3rd Q possessions: 1 2 2 2 x x 2 2 2 2 x 2 2 x 2 2 x 2 2 2 2 3. That's efficient.

10:19 @AndreHoops: If my man Paul Pierce wants to continue his best player in the world campaign, he'd better ask Ron-Ron to back off of him a little bit.

10:19 @KevinDing: NBA asked Phil to stop paying $ for charges drawn b/c it's technically illegal.

[NBA stands for No Fun League...oh wait.]

10:21 @KevinDing: I don't think even Celtics fans can root for Rasheed.

10:22 @lazenby: Sheed reminds me of a guy I used to hoop with at the Y. Used to drink a 6 pack fore he stepped on the floor. New meaning for the work check

10:24 @KevinDing: Rasheed, who has been fighting back problems and not practicing, just asked out of the game. He has played 15 minutes in three quarters.

[Came back later so it couldn't have been injury. Given that he had been on one of his bouts of insanity for several minutes before, I suspect he just asked out because he lost the stomach to play with the way the game was going, quitting has been his trademark for half a decade now.]

10:30 @lazenby: FB points, Lakers 10-2. Points in the paint, Lakers 42-20. Beat 'em coming and going.

10:35 @KevinDing: Artest devouring Big Baby for late dinner there symbolic of Lakers' improved paint presence since 2008 Finals.

10:35 @forumbluegold: I don't know too many SF's that could absorb a hit from Big Baby, block the shot flat footed, and then get the steal save. #Queensbridge

10:41 @bruce_arthur: Man, Kevin Garnett is going to give Kevin Garnett an absolute earful when they get back to the huddle.

[He used to be the barking rottweiler, now he's the yapping Maltese.]

10:42 @russbengston: If KG's athletic ability was a person, it would look like Rasheed Wallace.

10:48 @LakersReporter: Pau Gasol has the same number of rebounds as Garnett, Perkins, Allen and Rondo combined (12).

[Yeah, but those guys are soft, unfair comp.]

10:56 @johnschuhmann: Points in the paint: LA 48, Bos 30. Matches biggest PIP discrepancy of the season for the Celtics.

11:00 @forumbluegold: Lakers end the game with an off. eff. of 114.6, Boston ends at an even 100. Celtics winless when allowing 100+ pts in playoffs.

12:28 @LakersReporter: One more Gasol stat: his 8 offensive boards matched that of Boston's whole team.

1:40 @HoopData: Boston shot a pathetic 12-for-27 at the rim tonight. Haven't shot that bad since 1/28 game vs Orlando.

1:43 @HoopData: 13 of Kobe's 22 shots came within 10 feet, and he got to the line 10 times. 3-for-9 from beyond 10 feet on the night.

1:43 @HoopData: Boston only attempted 10 threes on the night, their lowest total since first game of playoffs against Miami.

2:36 @LakersReporter: Rajon Rondo had 6 pts in the first 3 minutes, 7 in the next 45.

[Kobe quit leaving him, after a poor start defensively he was great.]

3:03 @LakersReporter: It had been 6 games since Bryant scored 30 on the Celtics, reg. season included. Last was Game 3 of 2008 Finals.

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