Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Meanwhile, in the Bizarro World

It's really shooting fish in a barrel to make fun of the psychotic circle jerk that is Democratic Underground, but every now and then they come up with something that is just too hilarious to resist. And so it is with this Al Qaeda poll (they are infamous for removing posts and threads, so it could disappear at any time).

It turns out that about 3/5 of the respondents think that Al Qaeda is a fictional organization (!), 1/5 that it is real, and 1/5 that it used to be real but "the administration is now using to get what they want" (!!). You always get the feeling when you see something like this that you were had by a vast comedic conspiracy, but sadly it appears that there are real, live, breathing people out there who have let themselves become brainwashed to the point that they could believe this kind of thing. One can only hope that they don't come to the kind of tragic end that has befallen so many other cult followers in the past.


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