Monday, August 14, 2006

The propaganda war

I have yet to touch on the outbreak of fake and staged Hezbollah propaganda photos that the US and other Western media have, in some cases unwittingly and almost certainly purposefully in others, been running throughout the Israeli-Iran/Syrian conflict in Lebanon. To get an idea of how Hezbollah operatives (in this case the notorious Green Helmet Guy) choreograph their anti-Israel messages, check out this video from German television if you have the stomach for it.

In case you don't care to watch, what they do here is load the body of a dead child into an ambulance, then take the body back out and transfer it from a light stretcher used in the ambulance to a heavy duty gurney used in a rescue operation (to create the impression that it has just arrived from the bombed area), uncover it, clear other people out of the cmaera path, and pose it for photographs.

This, along with firing rockets from residential neighborhoods, mosques and hospitals among other civilian areas in the desperate hope of goading Israelis into bombing Lebanese civilians, is what the month-long conflict was all about. Hezbollah tried to maximize civilian casualties on both sides to order to stir up anti-Israeli (and of course by extension anti-Jew) sentiment. Sadly, a compliant and credible media were among their best allies.

And more sadly still, we seem to have lost our moral compass in supporting a disastrous UN resolution that merely gives Hezbollah time to rearm and start killing anew. An excellent account of the resolution and its implications is here.

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