Thursday, January 18, 2007

Better wach your Barack, Obama

Dennis Miller: "If I was Obama I'd keep my head on a swivel, because you go up against the Clintons, it's like going over the middle against Ronnie Lott."

I had been thinking the same thing. The Clintons are (in)famous for attacking their political opponents with a ferocity unmatched since Nixon's Plumbers Union. They went to the trouble of inserting Wesley Clark into the 2004 primary race to derail Howard Dean, and that was four years in advance. With the coronation now at hand, anybody who tries to get in the way will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible. I hope Obama has extremely thick skin and a relatively clean past, or his career may already have peaked.

[UPDATE 1/19/07]: Like clockwork, stories are surfacing today about Obama's Muslim past (he was raised as a Muslim by his stepfather and attended a Muslim madrassa in Indonesia) and "concerns" about his having concelealed that part of his background and that he still may still have closeted Muslim beliefs despite his born-again Christianity.

The Clinton machine is nothing if not consistent.

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At 1/23/2007 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You call me an anti-semite on Usenet one more time, cocksucker, and I'm gonna track you down in Plano, Texass and cut off your one-inch dick.

Got it, crackerboy??

Very sincerely,

At 1/29/2007 11:04 AM, Blogger Gary Collard said...

You may wonder why I allow a profane, racist, threatening personal attack that has nothing to do with the subject matter to appear here. A couple of reasons:

The best way to discredit an idiot is to give him a voice.

And, much more importantly…I’ve collected my first stalker to this blog! I’ve collected a handful of stalkers on Usenet or message boards over the years, unavoidable as those media can attract a particularly unstable element. But this is the first one to stalk me to this blog, making it somewhat of a milestone that needs to be recorded.

This particular loon, understandably ashamed to sign his material with anything other than the nickname “Mozark,” stalked me from the Lakers group. Assuming he/she’s for real (I’ve always suspected he’s just a cartoon character designed to make the Angry Left look silly), he/she’s a pretty run of the mill hate monger – deeply bigoted, with a visceral and irrational hatred of the US, often profane, lacking the ability or willingness to think critically. The kind of person who is a mark for any crackpot anti-American conspiracy theory, no matter how illogical. An archive of his “contributions” to the Lakers group is
, lest you think I’m overstating.

As to what there is of a point to his comment, it is (big surprise) a lie. I have never called him/her an anti-Semite, as
this search
proves. I laid out my take on the whole thing in a
December 15 post
. Especially entertaining is that he/she protests a nonexistent case of being labeled while at the same time establishing conclusively that he/she is a racist, all in the space of a short comment. Again, the kind of thing that makes one wonder if it’s not all a parody, can anybody be so utterly lacking in irony?

So, to summarize, is my stalker “Mozark” an anti-Semite? There is some evidence suggesting so, but not enough to know for certain. Is “Mozark” a racist? Absolutely, the evidence is right here and irrefutable.


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