Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I thought the oddest play I would see all year was when in early December when Lamar Odom took the ball out of bounds after a made basket and just dribbled it in and started down the court, something I had never seen at any level.

But tonight San Antonio made a solid bid with something else I had never seen. They came out and started the fourth quarter with only four players on the court. And I don't mean four real players plus Bruce Bowen, I'm talking four actual Spurs bodies (not counting the officials). Maybe after years of getting beat by the Lakers triangle offense they were going to unviel the square. Whatever, it sure was funny, and the resulting technical made a difference as it was a four point game instead of three for the last possession.

One thing's for sure, the Lakers need to petition the league to schedule more games against the Shams and fewer against, oh, maybe the Bobcats.

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