Friday, September 21, 2007

The Columbia School of Genocide Enabling

Roger Simon wonders about Columbia's requirements for prospective speakers:

"I have a question for the Columbia crowd, since Holocaust deniers are welcome, would you allow a speaker in favor of a return to black slavery?"

It's a fair question. The most over the top KKK member remaining (there is still a KKK, right?) could not be any more objectionable than the Holocaust denying, genocide fantasizing, "Death to America" spouting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is, even as he is waging hot war against this country in Iraq. It is one of our greatest tragedies that our elite universities have devolved to the point that such a hate-monger can be an honored guest and given a platform for his psychotic vitriol.

Columbia's president Lee Bollinger, and the executives at CBS (where Ahmadinejad will appear on 60 Minutes the night before his speech) would have doubtless fawned over Adolph Hitler circa 1942, but lacking him are settling for the next best thing. As James Taranto quips in noting that Iran punishes gay sex by death while banning ROTC from campus due to Bill Clinton's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy:

"If the U.S. military executed homosexuals instead of merely discharging them, perhaps Bollinger would welcome ROTC back to Columbia."

The best advice I've seen on how we, as ordinary citizens, should react to this sorry situation is given by Death By 1000 Papercuts:

"In a world of perfect karma, Ahmadinejad would be captured by American "students" and held hostage for over a year, paraded before TV cameras and threatened almost daily with death."

UPDATE 9/22/07 11:15pm:
Glenn Reynolds has another excellent suggestion:

"Have some scantily-clad coed run up and give him a kiss. Make sure photos are distributed in Iran."

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