Friday, September 14, 2007

Cuban on helping those who serve the country

You never know what to expect from Mark Cuban, and as such I was surprised and happy to read his post What Can I Do to Help Those Who are Serving our Country?

Notable is his answer to what he says when talking to himself during the playing of the National Anthem:

"Thank you to all those who have fought before and are fighting now to make this country great. I will never take my freedoms or opportunities for granted. Here is to .... then I go through a list of family members and thank them and hope that they and their children are healthy, happy and can always look up at a blue sky and be thankful for all we have." Then at Mavs games, I give thanks to all the players on the court, fans in the seats and hope that they stay healthy, happy and that the Mavs win.

And I can't mention Cuban without touting his Fallen Patriot Fund.



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