Sunday, February 03, 2008


Back in the days when I rooted for NFL teams for something other than financial considerations, my favorite teams were Miami and Oakland. So I'm thrilled for everybody from Griese, Csonka and Buonoconti to Den Herder, Swift and Seiple and all the rest. I raise a glass of 18 year old McAllen's in your honor.

As for the best team of all time talk, I was never fully convinced in the case of these Patriots. They were a transcendent offensive team, but I have a hard time buying a team with little running game and a pedestrian defense as the best ever. Of course I have never considered the undefeated 1972 Dolphins the best team ever, either.

I reserve that for one of, and I am never sure which one, of the 1973 Dolphins, 1985 Bears and 1998 Broncos. Ultimately the 2007 Patriots fall into a group with the 2005 and 1968 Colts, teams that might well belong in that inner circle had they closed the deal.

The good news for New England, in which I'm sure they will find no comfort on this difficult night, is that those 1968 Colts won it all two years later and those 2005 Colts won it all the following year.

The bad news for them is that at least one of their previous championships, and perhaps others, is at best tainted and at worst totally undeserved and that they just do not belong in the discussion of the greatest teams ever, period.

I'll leave the role of things like lack of class or karma coming due to others to hash out.

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