Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That 70's Game?

Late in tonight's Lakers-Suns game, which was arguably the most entertaining game the NBA has seen in years (and thus the polar opposite of last year's Finals, the worst basketball I've ever seen), the great Hubie Brown said the game reminded him of basketball in the 70's.

I wondered which half of each team's roster he thought were coming down or strung out from their latest drug binge. I grew up watching 70's ball, and loved it at the time, but looking back the thing that stands out about the era was the ridiculously uneven play of players and entire teams due to the rampant drug abuse that infected the game at the time. There's a reason why there was so much parity in especially the second half of the decade.

And the thing is, Hubie knows this - he was there on the sidelines as a young coach.

All that said, I know what he meant, and his point is well-taken - that was some high quality stuff. I love several other sports, but there is nothing quite like NBA ball being played at that level.

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