Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Courtside observations

From the Lakers-Mavs game I attended last week, here are some of my observations as posted live at the time:


Mbenga can't even score when posting up Brian Shaw.

Sasha has gone from Laker Girl headgear to traditional headband.

Sun's been shooting while almost everybody else has come and gone.

Rambis still looks wrong with no glasses or 'stashe.

A guy who has to be Pau's younger brother or damned sure looks like
him is out there wearing some soccer jersey.

Michael Thompson still looks like he could give you 10 minutes.

Joel Meyers looks even more trollish from 3 feet away.


Right before player intros Ariza did 6 reverse pullups on the rim...no
tech was called.

I'd pay to watch Ariza and Green go 1 on 1, those guys are sick

When Ariza comes in all hell breaks loose with deflections and such.

Good God the Lakers are long, you have to earn your rebounds.

Mark Aguirre is behind me.

Barkley in da house.

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