Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The market weighs in

Stocks fall 500 points on postelection nerves

It was the biggest-ever drop following a presidential election, although if that is in absolute terms (Bloomberg doesn't say) then it may not be what I would consider the real record. But in any case it appears that the vaunted "Obama discount" that has supposedly been built into the market was not fully in effect.

If he can avoid silliness like "economic stimulus" or stupidity like tax increases (of any kind) the market should recover a good deal in the coming months. The more government interference we get, the longer the slowdown will last, bottom line.

UPDATE 11/7/08: The freefall continued on Thursday. The two day drop in the Dow was the largest since the 1987 crash - and that's the real decline, percentage, not absolute dollars.

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At 11/05/2008 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama will rush full steam ahead with as much and as many Entitlement Programs as possible.
He has NO intention of slacking off, slowing down spending to impress anyone.
He's a far-Leftist and he's going to show that to the World no matter how far down things fall.
He has a reason behind it. He knows that if he takes this Nation down as far as he can, he will be able to convince everyone while standing in the United Nations, that HIS way, the One Government and One Money system way of Barack Obama is the best for all his admirers.
More than likely, they will buy it and fall for it, just as they bought his act for President.
Barack Obama is out to collapse our entire Economic system.
It sets the perfect stage for 'The One' to become the World's Leader that way.
Keep an eye on France, their long history of Socialism is coming to a collapsing end now.
Obama would have 1 other country wanting to have a One Government and One Money system then.
The handwriting was on the wall but too many decided to just 'keep the peace' and pander to constant complainers that will NEVER stop complaining.
Ever notice that no matter how much an Entitlement Recipient get's on their monthly check, they ALWAYS complain?
Even if Obama does not convince the World just yet to join in the 'Obama's World', he will make sure he has this Nation FORCED to accept whatever bone he throws our way.
Economists, Tax Experts, Money Analysts, Think Tanks have gone over and over Obamanation and cannot find how it can ever work.
Well, that's because he never intended for it to work.
He intended to ship-in as many Africans into the U.S., as fast as possible to knock that Mestizo futuristic Majority by 2040 straight down to septic tube.
He has no intention of letting that happen. He's going to Max Out the U.S. with as many new Black faces he can possibly cram into this Nation in as little time and as fast as lightening.
With this, he will spend with the same lightening speed.
He will lavish as much money onto 'his people' in as little amount of time as possible. Think, A Cadallic in Every Driveway, Oh, that's a Hybrid Cadallic.
He wants 'his people' to live the Bling lifestyle HE feels they deserve.
Like the New, Second, #2 Stimulus Package Pelosi has written just like her first one, it's power packed with MORE Section 8 Funding, MORE money on Food Stamp accounts for the hungary and starved beneficiaries of the benevolant EBT-Food Stamp Program, Bloat the Low-Income Heating & AIR CONDITIONING, just like HR-1851 & HR-3221 the 1st Stimulus Package, the 2nd Package, extended Unemployment Benefits, and I have got to re-read that 2nd Stimulus Package again to see what I get to pay for but NEVER have been low enough to benefit from.
This guy is out for Super Stardom, not a run of the mill Presidency for 4 years, he's got a Mega-Ego and will not settle for a little here and a little there to keep this Nation from utter collapse, Nooo, he's out to bring it down.
I saw it, heard it and read it.
Others will also, but just too late!
When I went onto his site and used his calculator, it was fair, however, he's going to cancel out the Bush tax cuts asap, not even waiting the 2 years this cut has, and then what I saw I was going to get back, will be reversed.

At 11/06/2008 4:56 PM, Blogger Gary Collard said...

Wow, mozark has a twin brother, separated at birth and raised by loony righties even as mozark himself was being raised by loony leftists. Nature meets nurture, producing precise mirror image.

Who knew?


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