Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Game 2 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 2 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 2 of the Finals (times CDT):

7:11 @basketballtalk: If you didn't think KG has lost a step, Ron Artest just took him off the dribble baseline.

7:16 @RicBucher: One Celtic told me before game if refs call it tight, they don't have much chance of winning.

[So much for that idea, huh?]

7:38 @johnschuhmann: Lakers scored just 1 point on final 10 possessions of the 1st Q. Each team had 25 possessions total.

7:38 @lazenby: Lakers have given up a big quarter. Boston won the battle of the boards 13-9.

7:38 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers were +5 over the final 3 minutes of both Q1 and Q2 Thursday, tonight -8 over last 3 mins of Q1 tonight. BK

7:40 @LakersReporter: Odom picked up his 3rd foul in Game 1 with 10:20 to go in the 2nd. Tonight, he got 3 in 3 minutes in the 1st.

7:40 @johnhollinger: Lamar Odom proving he can do worse than the 2008 Finals...

7:48 @KDonhoops: Sheed and KG just flying wedge'd Rondo free, there.

7:49 @forumbluegold: The ball is not getting into the post and the Lakers are paying for it with missed jumpers and Celtic fast breaks.

7:53 @ESPNLandOLakers: I'm sure everything will be fine for the Lakers as long as Farmar keeps dribbling. BK

8:12 @KDonhoops: Kobe's head is always fouling people.

8:13 @mcten: I haven't seen a flop wake up a crowd so much since ... Oh yeah, Dragic in Game 6 in Phoenix


8:18 @basketballtalk: I wonder next year if we will see a lot of moving screens in Chicago?

8:24 @johnschuhmann: The Celtics scored 23 times in the 1st half. The Lakers scored 25 times.

8:44 @KDonhoops: Lakers give the ball right away to Pau to start the half. To take it out of bounds.

8:46 @KDonhoops: Another Kobe double of KG. Why?

8:53 @drewbelzer: To say KG has been a non-factor is an insult to non-factors.

9:05 @johnhollinger: Thought refs did well in first half but some ticky tacky calls in 3rd. Kobe and KG both got bogus 4th fouls. Thought Baby fouled Bynum tho.

9:13: @SI_ChrisBallard: Are we sure Pau wasn't talking about Paul Pierce?

9:53: @coachthorpe: Boston's ball movement in the 2nd half was superb. LA struggled all night with theirs.

9:55 @KDonhoops: Who would have thought, an hour ago, that Rondo would be the guy in this box score pic, not Ray?

9:55 @LakersReporter: After Kobe's J with 5:21 left: Bynum TO, Kobe miss, Artest TO, Fisher miss, Bryant miss, Bryant miss, Artest miss.

10:11 @LakersReporter: Key stat: Boston turned the ball over only 2 times in the 2nd half, the Lakers 7. C's also 11 FB points to L.A.'s 4.

10:12 @johnschuhmann: Celtics had 12 turnovers in their first 54 possessions & zero in their last 37. The Lakers had nine in that last stretch.

10:13 @forumbluegold: If LO could have played as well as Nate Robinson did when both replaced tired stars (Pau, Rondo) LA could have won. I feel sad saying that.

11:30 @LakersReporter: Andrew Bynum: "Of course they didn't want it more. We just played stupid. We were up 90-87 & had 4 turnovers."

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