Sunday, February 04, 2007

What a shame

Whoever wins, this game will likely be decided by breaks due to the weather conditions instead of the quality and execution of the two football teams. Let's hope this is the last Super Bowl in a stadium where there is not some form of roof, retractable or otherwise.

UPDATE 2/4/07: Fortunately, the game was so brutally one-sided that the weather did not end up being the difference. Indeed, along with a fortuitous game-opening kickoff return it probably saved us from a virtual repeat of the San Francisco-Denver Super Bowl. But let this serve notice to the NFL: you got lucky this time, don't take a chance again. There enough venues that can be covered or where rain is almost nonexistent that there should be no need to play an outdoor game where there is any but the remotest chance of bad weather ever again.

And congrats to the Colts and particularly Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning, they are a group that exemplifies class.

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