Saturday, June 12, 2010

Game 4 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 4 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 4 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:09 @sambot5k: hey abc? why do always open with this horrible nauseating camera angle. can you fix it, please?

8:09 @mcten: Lakers run an excellent inbounds play, but KG blocks Bynum who has zero lift with that knee of his

8:11 @forumbluegold: Two P&R's with Pierce as the ball handler. I expected that earlier in this series, but it's here now. Time to adjust.

8:12 @russbengston: Andrew Bynum is moving like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar out there. Of course Kareem is 63 years old.

8:29 @KDonhoops: Nate's in, and that was a makeup call for the cheap FTs Pierce got on his first drive of the game.

8:33 @cgrock24: Look closely & you will see that Rasheed kicked Pau in the shin.

[Disappointing that the announcers did not point out this obvious fact]

8:34 @KevinDing: Odom giving it to Farmar so much after he doesn't switch back to Nate Rob that Artest, who had recovered to Pierce, doesn't even try to.

8:34 @johnschuhmann: Now that quarter was both slow (21 possessions each) AND ugly (18 total scores).

8:35 @kpelton: 1Q Offensive Ratings: Celtics 86.4, Lakers 76.2.

8:36 @LAIreland: Hubie Brown would say: "If I'm LA, I'm worried that I have 16 1st qtr pts. If I'm BOS, I'm worried that Ray Allen is 1 of his last 19."

8:38 @RicBucher: Never seen Kobe have to work this hard to get shots. Left ankle is clearly not right. Can't see it improving as series goes on.

8:43 @LarryCoon: Van Gundy just used "Davis" and "undersized" in the same sentence.

8:43 @RicBucher: Doc last Xout: "If we get these shots all nite, we'll score a ton of points." Not win, just score. Odd 4 Doc. Usually shows more confidence.

[He didn't know Bynum would leave yet, no reason for confidence at that point]

8:45 @basketballtalk: @cgrock24 Artest isn't getting the help behind him he was before, Bynum is much slower to rotate to help right now. As on Big Baby basket.

8:45 @johnschuhmann: Nate Robinson has given a lift to both offenses in the 2nd quarter.

8:46 @forumbluegold: Odom is struggling with Baby the way that he's struggled the past two seasons with Craig Smith. Wide body, good feet, skilled at the hoop.

8:49 @ESPNLandOLakers: Is Nate Rob hitting his first two shots a good thing or a bad thing for Boston? BK

[Turned out to be good, but I'm guessing that's about a 1 in 4 prop for them]

8:49 @lazenby: Big Baby is an XXX factor

8:49 @ToureX: Not a pretty game so far. If this game was a girl you wouldn't think about picking her up til like 1 or 1.30am.

8:50 @danielbuerge_LA: I am looking forward to Rasheed's book once he retires entitled - "I've Never Committed A Foul, and So Can You!"

8:50 @ bandwagonknick: I don't know if I ever want to hear that crackhead howl from Sheed again after that last foul on Pau.

8:57 @lazenby: Lakers are starting to put pressure on Boston. Time for the Celtics to start thinking, to get that first fearful vision of being down 3-1

9:05 @johnschuhmann: Celtics had 0 turnovers in their first 19 possessions. They've had 6 in their last 22.

9:06 @LarryCoon: If the Lakers would just take care of the ball, they'd be up 15 right now.

9:07: @forumbluegold: Not to complain about the refs, but when Pau drives and gets bodied, is that not a foul? If that's a guard from either team, it's a whistle.

9:07 @SI_LeeJenkins That Gasoft stuff is so 2008

9:10 @LakersReporter: L.A. made 10-of-15 FG's in the 2nd Q after just 7-of-20 in the 1st to jump in front of Boston. ...

9:10 @johnschuhmann: 2nd quarter (52 points on 43 possessions) much more efficient than the 1st (35 on 42).

9:10 @LarryCoon: If this was a high school game, I think both teams would be running laps.

9:20 @forumbluegold: Lakers losing on the glass 21-20, have already allowed 7 ORB, and only grabbed 3 of their own. Plus they have 7 TO's. But still up 3.

9:23 @KevinDing: Kobe had 4 turnovers (more than the 3 for all his teammates combined) against two assists in 1st half.

9:25 @johnschuhmann: That 2nd quarter was actually the 3rd most efficient (both teams combined) quarter of the series so far.

9:32 @KevinDing: Celtics fan behind me upon seeing KG hit Pau in the face: "That's it! That's it!"

[Crowd's full of thugs too, eh?]

9:36 @forumbluegold: If Bynum's knee brace gets any bigger, he'll have a Toyota attached to his leg.

9:37 @LarryCoon: Am I wrong, or would the best way to get Perkins that 7th tech be to put Vujacic on him?

9:38 @lazenby: What the Lakers coaches really think of Thibodeaux's defense? It only works because modern players are too selfish to pass the ball.

9:39 @johnhollinger: Nice stand there by Pau by the way. Perk was jawing and bumping, trying to get into his head '08 style. Didn't work.

9:44 @Anthony_Carter: It was 3 seconds. They didn't start the shot clock until the ball crossed half court. Watch the replay!

9:45 @KDonhoops: I remember LO's first game against KG. Ate him up. Lamar even dunked on KG. KG has gone at him hard ever since.

9:47 @KevinDing: Gasol standing up to Perkins during stoppage in play. Kobe for 2nd time this game comes over to bark at Perk in Pau's defense.

9:48 @Mike_Bresnahan: Shades of 2008 Finals: Gasol getting shoved from the post almost to the 3-point line by Perkins; Odom doing next to nothing.

9:58 @@bruce_arthur: Because frankly, he doesn't give a damn. RT @russbengtson Sheed's new nickname should be "Dark Gable." #astacheandastash

9:58 @LakersReporter: Whistle was buried in the 3rd, both teams battling fiercely, as BOS cut 1 pt off L.A.'s 3-pt HT lead. 62-60 L.A., 12 min to go.

10:00 @johnschuhmann: The 1st quarter's reign as the Ugliest Quarter of the Series is over. Same amount of points, 1 extra possession in the 3rd.

10:01 @mcten: From ESPN Stats & Info: Kobe drew 8 fouls in Gm 1 (win), 2 in Gm 2 (loss), 5 in Gm 3 (win), just 1 so far in Gm 4.

10:02 @kpelton: Look, I'm a big process guy, but at what point when the Celtics keep shooting around 40% do we stop calling them good shots?

10:04 @KevinDing: Back-to-back BOS layups over Odom. Lack of Bynum noticeable.

10:02 @kpelton: Lakers go back to 1-2 pick-and-roll in the fourth quarter. Poor execution by Farmar.

10:05 @forumbluegold: Nate got on the ground and Farmar didn't. That's the difference between winning and losing, Jordan.

10:06 @ESPNLandOLakers: Per ESPN stats and info: Deflections in 3rd quarter: Celtics: 10 Lakers: 0

10:09 @KevinDing: It's now 4 layups and one FT-line jumper for Ray Allen in succession as BOS preys on Bynum-less paint. Celtics lead, 70-64.

10:14 @russbengston: Rasheed Wallace is out of his fucking mind.

10:14 @KevinDing: Rasheed pulls a Sasha and makes this about him, risking stalling the team's momentum.

10:14 @haralabob: That tech was a long time coming, what on earth, and what is he complaining about he raked him across the arms.

10:15 @briancmahoney With Nate, Sheed, and Artest out there, this might be the most unstable group ever assembled on an NBA Finals floor.

10:15 @KevinDing: Artest is talking to Nate Rob behind the play. Ron is unhappy with the Celtics flexing muscles to crowd and preening.

10:17 @russbengston: Nate, Baby, Sheed and KG are gonna have a crazy-off later.

10:19 @ESPNLandOLakers: The Celtics have yet to discover much composure from the creature comforts of home. AK

10:19 @johnschuhmann: 8 possessions, 19 points for the Cs to start the 4th. Their bench is +5, +6, +7, +9 for the night.

10:20 @jadande: Just to show how dumb that Nate Rob tech was, Rasheed was the guy trying to get him to stop acting tough in Lamar's face.

10:21 @tribjazz Rather lose with class guy like Ray Allen shooting 0-for-13 than win with antics of Rasheed Wallace and Nate Robinson.

10:23 @kpelton: Lakers finally get a stop in the fourth quarter. It only took 7:01.

10:25 @KevinDing: Main reason Boston is about to tie the series: Celtics outscoring Lakers in paint, 48-30 -- again showing Bynum's value.

10:26 @RicBucher: With Bynum out, the matchups revert to '08. And it's playing like it.

10:34 @forumbluegold: Mistakes. Too many mistakes.

10:39 @forumbluegold: Kobe and Pau may have 51 points, but it's their 11 turnovers that have really hurt the Lakers. 2 in the last few possessions were killers.

10:40 @13thirtyone: @forumbluegold this game is similar to game 2, in terms of the amount of TOs the lakers commited at end game situation.

10:42 @johnschuhmann: 34 points for the Cs in the 4th. Took them 21:13 to score 34 to start the game.

10:43 @LakersReporter: Not surprising that backs-to-wall Boston won hustle stats. 20-7 second-chance pts, 54-34 points in paint (no Bynum), 41-32 reb.

10:46 @johnschuhmann: Celtics scored 96 points on 85 possession. Who would've thought an hour ago that it would be their most efficient game of the series?

11:08 @dexterfishmore: The Celtics scored on 16 of 20 possessions in the fourth quarter.

11:09 @forumbluegold: Doc saying that he hopes the league rescinds 'Sheed's T. Why? ...

[If they really reviewed he'd be getting another in games 3 and 4]

11:15 @LakersReporter: Phil sums up game: "(The Celtics) had their backs to the wall tonight. They played desperate, and they got away with it."

11:26 @dexterfishmore: The Celtics shot 15-of-15 from the free throw line in the second half.

11:48: @johnschuhmann: The two teams combined for more points in the 4th quarter (63) than either team scored through 3 (score was 62-60).

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