Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game 5 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 5 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 5 of the Finals (times CDT):

7:18 @KevinDing: In the most shocking development of the series to date, the Lakers have yet to be called for a foul through 7:02 of play!

7:23 @mcten: Kobe's high school coach Gregg Downer along with former Lower Merion teammate Doug Young are in the building

7:32 @forumbluegold: I like that the Lakers are pushing the pace a bit more this game. Getting chances against a Boston D that isn't quite set.

7:32 @haralabob: As good as BBD has done offensively vs Odom, Odom can take him off the dribble in ISO with ease

[I've been calling for this all series]

7:37 @lazenby: Gasol bears part of the blame with Artest for the screen and roll breakdowns with Paul Pierce

7:45 @mcten: From ESPN Stats & Info: Lakers are 6-for-11 from < 5 feet and 2-for-16 from > 5 feet

7:51 @forumbluegold: It all starts with getting defensive stops for the Lakers. Stops = cross matches and open court chances.

7:59 @lazenby: Kobe, pass the ball

7:59 @KDonhoops: Kobe's FG % percentage off of pump fakes is like .000001, and still he doesn't get it.

8:01 @forumbluegold: Kobe seems frustrated by the C's defense on him right now. He's getting knocked off his dribble and he's hunting fouls, not good shots.

8:05 @KevinDing: Gasol has taken 3 of Lakers' 41 shots and has no trips to the line.

8:05 @KDonhoops: Los Angeles' two-man game often only ends with one option.

8:07 @haralabob: I think Pierce pouted that last play bc he didn't get the ball - thats amazing

8:08 @kpelton: That's cool, Paul Pierce. It's not like this is Game 5 of the Finals or anything.

8:08 @AndreHoops: When you're a professional, and you're upset at your point guard for not getting you the ball--you say "no problem" during interview. #truth

["Professional" is not a word you associate with Paul Pierce. Classless thug is as classless thug does.]

8:08 @forumbluegold: I can't remember the last 2 man game between Pau and Kobe at the elbow.

8:09 @johnschuhmann: Crazy: Celtics either scored or turned it over on their first 19 possessions of the 2nd Q.

8:27 @forumbluegold: Phil is telling players to be ready to shoot upon the catch. Agree 100%. C's help/recover is great, but LA not ready to shoot helps Boston.

[They have passed up a ton of open shots to let defenders get back into plays this series]

8:28 @johnschuhmann: Celtics' 43 possessions: 22 scores, 11 turnovers, & 2 possessions that ended quarters. Result: Lakers w/ just 8 def. reb.

8:29 @KDonhoops: Too early to go to 4th Q offense, LAL. You had the right idea on the first possession, go back to it.

8:32 @mcten: Pau careless with another defensive rebound outlet pass. He's done that several times this series

8:37 @forumbluegold: Boston's spacing on the weak side for Pierce is what the Lakers need to give Kobe. PP's isolations are there b/c spacing = late helpers.

8:44 @lazenby: Lakers like to spread the floor and surprise teams that overplay at times like these, but the Celtics avoid excessive overplaying.

8:45 @haralabob: Is it okay to not overreact to Kobe and pay attention to everyone else when its clear he is disregarding everyone else?

8:48 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers now just looking to hand it back to Bryant on every trip. If they do that, it's over. BK

8:50 @mcten: Anybody who wanted evidence for the "Kobe doesn't make his teammates better" argument should DVR this 3rd quarter

8:50 @johnhollinger: The Lakers have ONE defensive rebound in the last TWENTY ONE minutes. Totally wasting the best Kobe performance of these Finals.

8:55 @basketballtalk: Farmar 1 on 5, and you could tell he thought about it.

8:55 @KDonhoops: What's the longest time Luke Walton has held on to the ball in his career. Four seconds?

[He's the anti-Kobe]

8:59 @forumbluegold: In all honesty, I think the Lakers only need two stops and two buckets and this game turns. Just not sure if the Lakers can get either.

9:01 @johnhollinger: But hey, the Lakers are improving. They got two defensive boards in 3rd quarter after getting only one in 2nd.

9:01 @AndreHoops: During a 3 minute and 18 second span of the 3rd quarter, Kobe Bryant outscored 3 days worth of offense from the 2010 World Cup.

[And took more total shots]

9:02 @russbengston: If Kobe's teammates are so much better than those of certain other superstars, where are they?

9:05 @KevinDing: Gasol was open inside there, but Farmar missed him to give it to Kobe. Then Pau pushed off.

[Example of how the turnover is not always the fault of who got it in the box]

9:13 @LakersReporter: One reason Pierce has 19 field goal attempts tonight: Fisher's been all over Allen (8 FGA's), officials allowing for physical D.

9:26 @ArashMarkazi: Kobe Bryant has 33 points and no one else on the team is in double-digits. Forget 2008. Is this 2006?

9:27 @mcten: Lil Nate is 10 feet from the huddle clapping and looking at fans in the stands. Sheed joins him. This is the team that's beating you, LA

[That's what is galling; rivalry or no, this is just a team full of miserable human beings]

9:27 @johnschuhmann: All those Boston turnovers in the 1st half & at this point, they have just 1 more than LA (who has 5 in the 4th).

9:35 @KevinDing: A fan just threw something and hit Odom.

9:35 @KevinDing: Big Baby Davis looks up at the crowd and asks: "What're you doing?"

[Meanwhile, I get a tweet from @listen2drescher telling me to "suck it" because I do not approve of fan violence. The incident and that reaction are the Boston fan in a nutshell]

9:36 @forumbluegold (and many others in my feed, both Lakers and independent) Stay classy, Boston

[Apparently it's only Boston fans that approve of fan violence]

9:38 @noamschiller: And of course, Mark Jackson likes the Pierce-on-5 offense. How long until he signs with the Clippers?

9:38 @LakersReporter: Up 5 with the ball in final min. was Orlando's situation before L.A. came back to win Game 4 in last year's Finals.

9:40 @forumbluegold: That's not reviewable? Wow. That's loophole, huh?

[Not sure why it wasn't a jump ball there, even at that - whistle with the rebound battle going on]

9:43 @ESPNForsberg Paul Pierce wrestles the ball away from Kobe with 38.9 seconds to play. WIM (wants it more). Story of the series.

[That wasn't wanting it more; that was two guys simultaneously fouling one with no call, getting the ball as a result (Pierce and Garnett both hold Kobe's left arm in the photo)

9:45 @kpelton: That was a clinic in how not to intentionally foul.

9:47 @lazenby: Missing free throws, not fouling on Rondo's layup, not fouling Rondo in the open court. Artest gets the bizness, but it was a team failure

9:48 @haralabob: Why Does Allen pass the ball should also be asked. RT @briancmahoney: How do the Lakers not foul Rondo there? Awful awareness and reactions.

9:52 @eussbengston: Kevin Garnett, putting the "pro" in profanity since 1995.

10:03 @LakersReporter: Phil said Kobe struggled in 1st half, got ankle re-taped at HT before coming out & scoring the team's first 19 points.

10:13 @tuffyr: Shrek and Donkey: 4 pts, 3 rbs, 22 min. As sequels go, it lived up to its namesake.

10:30 @KevinDing: Odom said he thought he was hit by a tiny vodka bottle late in game but wasn't sure.

10:34 @KevinDing: Bynum said knee has swollen some and will more on morning flight home but already promising he will play Game 6.

10:47 @LakersReporter: As much as Kobe would say about his ankle: "I just tweaked it a little. Just re-taped it."

11:01 @johnschuhmann: Gasol took 12 shots tonight. 6 of them came off his own offensive rebounds. Bryant missed more shots than any of his teammates took.

[And that seems like the perfect note on which to end this recap]

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