Monday, April 18, 2011

Inside the box score, NO G1

A few things that stand out looking at the traditional and advanced box from game 1:

NO wins the paint, 52-34. I cannot tell you how unacceptable that is. We should be winning the paint easily in this matchup, that is a huge failure on both ends of the floor. To emphasize, they outshot us 24-14 at the rim and 15-12 in the 3-9 foot range, while we took more from every perimeter zone.

NO turned it over only 3 times in the game, tying the best mark for a playoff game over the last two decades. Never more than once a quarter, none in the 4th. That I have less problem with, even if you take care of the ball well that takes a big chunk of luck.

Kobe took only 2 threes, perfect. Lamar took 5 of them. I have called for no more than 4 from them combined, so you know how I feel about 5 from one of them. Threes must be taken in the offense, off swinging the ball and/or inside out play. Stepping into one early in the clock is soft and stupid basketball.

Only 9 of 38 offensive rebounds (24%), including 0 for Pau. That percentage needs to be well into the 30's with the size advantage we have and with them slipping into zones at times. We did take care of the defensive glass very well (32/36, 89%).

Kobe was 10/17 from 15 feet and in, 3/9 from 16+. Unless up against the shot lock, no need to settle for the long jumper.

Similarly, Fish took six long 2's and only one 3. I'd like to see more 3's and fewer 2's out there, again unless against the clock.

To continue the shot selection theme, Lamar took one two pointer (and made it).

I'll give some praise to Shannon on the offensive end, he attacked and took 3 of his 6 shots at the rim. On the defensive end...did I mentioned he attacked on offense?

Their bench was 16/22, that just cannot happen. This is a team whose only quality depth has been Landry (now starting for West) and Jack.

Fish had to play 39 minutes with Blake out and Trey not really ready to play in this kind of game, as well as with Barnes not really being ready to go. We will need him later, have to get that down.

Nothing here that isn't correctable, we just need to get back to playing inside out on offense and getting back on defense, and force them to take mostly midranges off screen roll. A little urgency from Pau and Lamar would be welcomed as well, and I don't want to hear another GD word about unisex perfume or reality TV shows.

We also need to avoid crunch time, despite the cliche their guy (and by extension their team) is just way better than ours in the clutch. That should not be a problem, we have enough of a front line advantage to have these games put away by that 5-6 minute mark.

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