Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review and preview: Jordan Farmar

First of all, I’d like to thank Jordan Farmar for his four years as a Laker, and wish him well in his future career, as he will not be returning to the team for the 2010-11 season.

Strengths: He has really improved as an open shooter, up to 37.6% from the arc this year (40% in the playoffs). He finishes well, using his athleticism and touch around the rim. Defensively, he plays the passing lanes well.

Weaknesses: In short, decision-making. He overdribbles, breaks plays, makes poor decisions with the ball, and passes poorly (breaking Kobe’s finger this year being the worst example). After four years, he still does not understand some of the basic principles of the offense. Defensively, he is poor on the ball, gambles too much, and does not fight through screens well. Just a poor defensive player, who gets lit up by a lot of the league’s backup 1’s. And he has been a bit of a malcontent, defying and talking back to coaches and refusing to play within the system.

Last year: In 18 minutes, put up 7.2 points on decent shooting (.535 TS%) and not much else, leading to a 12.3 PER. Had the lowest assist and turnover rates of his career, suggesting that he was looking to get his more than in the past. In the playoffs, more of the same, 4.6 points on a .526 TS% in 13.1 minutes, 11.2 PER. He recovered some from the disaster of 08-09, but was still just so-so even for a backup point guard.

Next year: A restricted free agent if the Lakers tender a qualifying offer ($2,874,126) They likely will not, as they are looking to shed salary and probably would not want him back even at the QO price, much less match any offer above it. In short, his Laker career is over.

He ends his four year run with the Lakers as a guy who came with some potential, but after a solid sophomore season he regressed and ultimately really did not improve much from the day he joined the team. Fisher bashers have called for him to be a starter, but there’s nothing beyond faith (and hate) to suggest he would have been up to the job of playing crunch minutes on a championship team. All of the primary lineup combinations have been better with Fisher than with Farmar.

I always liked the kid, as despite his many run-ins with players and coaches he seemed from the outside to be a good kid. Sure, he’s make you yell at the TV over and over for his many gaffes, but I always hoped he would start to get it. Until we got far enough into this season for me to become resigned to the fact that it just wasn’t happening and he needed to go.

He wants to run his own team and play big minutes, and of course he wants to get paid. As well he should, with his first child on the way. But I fear that, while he will get paid at least once, he just is not as good as he thinks he is, and he will spend his career as a fringe starter on bad teams or a rotation guy on good ones (and that’s assuming he decides to get on board with future coaches). He’s just not one of the top 30 point guards in this league, no matter how you slice it.

I thank him for his contributions to two titles and another Finals appearance, and wish him the best as we bid him farewell.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Game 7 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 7 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 7 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:14 @KDonhoops: Refs clearly want this series to go back to Boston.

8:14 @KevinDing: KG threw Pau down as Rondo scored. Pau tried to hit back at other end, then said something to refs as frustration mounted.

8:15 @MoBrooksESPN: Kobe, that was the most selfish possession in the history of hoops. Are you serious?

8:20 @haralabob: Bad sign when Bynum stays in longer than Wallace, good work on the conditioning Rasheed

8:21 @KevinDing: Just unbelievable contact going unwhistled here.

8:29 @ESPNLandOLakers: Excellent lead block from Garnett, not a very good basketball play, though. BK

8:31 @forumbluegold: The Lakers are losing their fundamentals on O and D. Over dribbling on offense and gambling for steals in transition defense.

8:33 @johnhollinger: Disaster of a first quarter for Lakers. Only a handful of their plays created high-% looks and they squandered most of the offensive boards.

8:34 @mcten: Celtics lead 23-14 after one. The Lakers are just 6-for-27 ... Make that 6-for-28, Michael Cooper just missed a promotional 3 between qtrs

8:34 @KevinDing: So far, Lakers an utter failure in trying to be poised and stay in character, as Phil hoped coming in

8:34 @ESPNStatsInfo: Laker MISSED more FG in the 1st qtr (21) than the Celtics took (10-17)

8:36 @johnschuhmann: 2nd least efficient Q of the series for LA. Worst was 4th on Tuesday & that was after the game had been decided.

8:40 @KDonhoops: Doc's made a huge mistake leaving Tony Allen out there with Kobe on the bench

8:41 @johnhollinger: LA was 6-of-27 from field and 1-of-4 from line in first, managing the nearly impossible feat of a True Shooting Pct. below 25.

8:41 @KevinDing: Farmar doesn't box out Rondo or even go for rebound. Then he leaks out and mad Sasha doesn't pass to him. Then jacks up quick 3.

8:47 @mcten: One bad habit that Ron could have picked up from Kobe: Leaving his feet before making a pass

8:47 @KDonhoops: I swear the offensive rebound rate for shots taken with less than a second on the shot clock has to be 99.9.

8:50 @johnhollinger: Nervous game -- both teams missing a ton of open shots right now, but these defensive mistakes are gonna get punished sooner or later.

8:50 @ESPNLandOLakers: Mercifully, we'll be spared any talk of one team "wanting it more." There's a lot of "want" going on out there. BK

8:50 @haralabob: Ray Allen is suffering on the offensive end by having to guard Kobe for 20-25+mins a night

8:51 @kpelton: Teams now shooting a combined 6-31 outside the paint (BOS 4-16, LAL 2-15). Combined 2-15 on 3s. #nerves

8:53 @johnschuhmann: The Lakers have taken 39 shots in 18 minutes. A pace for 104 shots in 48. Geez.

[Party like it’s 1962!]

8:55 @ESPNLandOLakers: Kobe playing like he might have had one cup of coffee too many before the game. AK

8:56 @junior_miller: The crowd should not chant "MVP" when Kobe is 2 for 9 from the field and 1 for 3 from the line

8:56 @ESPNLandOLakers: Pau makes the right pass, but sometimes you just have to go up through the double and try to get contact. BK

8:57 @mcten: Kobe is throwing screens around like they're going out of style. Big Baby his latest victim

8:57 @mcten: Ron Artest is the Lakers best player so far today. He was huge in the clincher against PHX too

8:58 @forumbluegold: If Kobe gambles for one more steal in the back court I'm going to go crazy. Rondo's his man. Find him and guard him please.

9:00 @AndrewCieslak: @KDonhoops Nice decision by ABC to black out 70% of the screen during Allen's free throws.

[The worst think networks can do is shrink the screen during any kind of game play, for graphics, interviews, or anything. No excuse, just poor, ignorant presentation.]

9:01 @WojYahooNBA: Only Artest could find a home in this brickfest.

9:02 @johnschuhmann: Lakers have actually shot worse in a half this season. 10-for-45 (.222) in 2nd half @ Denver on 11/13.

[That one was ugly: second half of a back to back roadie, at altitude. NBA’s worst scheduling situation.]

9:04 @LarryCoon: Kobe finally took a shot where he wasn't being molested by two Celtics.

9:05 @mcten: Ron Artest just asked Glen Davis if he knew he was Ron Artest

9:05 @ESPNLandOLakers: Wallace to D. Crawford: "Excuse me, referee, I speak Artest. I can break this up..." BK

9:07 @kpelton: OK, now I buy that Ray Allen has complained most in this series.

9:08 @johnhollinger: Brian Scalabrine, Josh Powell checking in because of the little-known rule that points at the end of the second quarter don't count.

9:09 @mcten: Brian Scalabrine and Josh Powell check in ... All 16 other NBA Finals Game 7s just scoffed and said they were better

9:09 @latmedina: Maybe Kobe really is right when he says he doesn't care about his legacy.....his shots aren't helping his case

9:10 @ESPNLandOLakers: PJ's halftime adjustments will mostly revolve around Xanax in the Gatorade. AK

9:10 @kpelton: I'm not sure the Lakers can win this game without Kobe Bryant rediscovering The Secret during halftime.

9:11 @haralabob: The celtics executed the first half of 2 for 1 possessions to end the quarter, but turned it over on the 2nd half each time.

9:12 @johnschuhmann: 1st Half -- Celtics: 40 points on 43 possessions. Lakers: 34 points on 43 possessions. Can't say I'm surprised.

9:12 @latmedina: Here's D Fisher's half-time speech: "Follow Ron Artest's lead."

9:14 @ESPNLandOLakers: Not even Jordan Hill-esque. AK RT @hoopshype: Not quite a Jordanesque performance by Kobe in the first half.

9:16 @KevinDing: Kobe has been saying over and over that it's all defense and offense doesn't matter b/c they can always score. Apparently not.

9:16 @ESPNStatsInfo: Lakers 34 1st half points is their fewest in any half this postseason. It matches their regular-season low for 1st half points as well

9:21 @LakersReporter: LA D was solid in the 2nd Q, but 3 fouls on the perimeter w/Boston in bonus, not 1 a shooting foul, gave C's 6 late pts.

9:21 @SI_ChrisBallard: Earlier in series, a BOS player told me he thought "some of those guys[Lakers] will crack when it comes down to it." We're about to find out

[So we did, and he had it backwards]

9:26 @KDthunderup: If Kobe lose, i said IF, will they talk bad about him like they did lebron???

9:27 @dexterfishmore: Why the rush to assess Kobe's "legacy"? Does ABC think he's dying?

9:28 @ESPNLandOLakers: Via stats and info: Lakers: 10-26 FG in the paint in first half BK

9:33 @russbengston: That shot not counting is what KG gets for blocking all those shots after the whistle. #douchebag

9:35 @junior_miller: Kobe has 22 minutes to pull his head out of his ass.

9:36 @KDonhoops: Lack of ball movement is killing Los Angeles' chances at defending their title.

9:36 @SI_LeeJenkins: No other way to say it: they’re choking

9:37 @SI_ChrisBallard: Never thought I'd say this, but Kobe Bryant needs to start playing more like Ron Artest right now.

9:40 @STEIN_LINE_HQ: If you thought Kobe took pounding after Game 7 in PHX in 2006, just wait til tomorrow ... unless this series has one more U-turn stored up

9:40 @johnhollinger: By the way, that last Kobe missed 3 came b/c Pau didn't even look to attack Sheed in a 1-on-1 post-up.

9:40 @franblinebury: Welcome to Starksville, Mr. Bryant (3-for-16).

9:41 @forumbluegold: BTW, that's maybe the 4th or 5th jumper where Kobe had an obvious hitch in his shot. No rhythm right now for Bean.

9:41 @ESPNStatsInfo: Of the 14 Finals Game 7s played in the shot-clock era the 74 1st half pts scored in this game are the fewest ever combined 1st half points.

9:42 @KDonhoops: Only way Kobe can make this right is to go D-Wade and do that for the rest of the game.

9:42 @johnhollinger: Remember when I said Kobe should be series MVP even if Lakers lose? Uh, what I meant to say was, unless he's the reason they lose.

9:42 @bomani_jones: I think paul pierce just tore his rotator cuff. Or he just needs to adjust his jersey. I can’t tell.

9:43 @mcten: Last time the Lakers played this poorly? Either Game 4 vs. OKC or that road loss in Charlotte

9:43: @DuranLA: RT Son on MJ / @SASBMJ: NO ONE & I mean NO ONE should EVER compare kobe Bryant to my dad an say that he is anywhere near close

9:44 @johnhollinger: Has an assistant coach ever won Finals MVP before?

9:45 @junior_miller: T-minus 19 minutes for Kobe to remove skull from anus. He's pulling one of the greatest choke jobs in Finals history so far.

9:46 @LakersReporter: Boston's been almost exclusively using isolation plays here, getting another hoop from KG that was answered by Fish's J.

9:50 @johnhollinger: Those last two forced shots by Rondo, by the way, came after the Lakers bottled up curl plays designed for Ray Allen.

9:54 @KevinDing: Sheed fouled Pau there b/c he was mad (and jolted) by Pau's elbow to gut upon posting up.

9:54 @johnhollinger: That was bizarre... all the players assumed there would be a timeout but there wasn't. Nine guys were off court and Joey waved them back on.

9:56 @mcten: Artest is stronger than an ogre

9:58 @forumbluegold: That's what Gasol needs to do on every play - sprint into the post. And that's what LO needs to do on every play. Attack the O-glass.

9:59 @mcten: KG just got away with a forearm to the back of the head

9:59 @sethpo: Good thing shot-making isn't important part of basketball or this game would be ugly

10:00 @mcten: It's only appropriate that Scalabrine's championship highlight will be a 24-second violation

10:01 @ESPNLandOLakers: Who knew Kendrick Perkins had been hurting Boston's D so much this season? AK

10:01 @KevinDing: We're headed to Q4 with Celtics ahead, 57-53. Bryant, Artest, Pierce, Allen and Rondo have all already logged 33+ minutes.

[Predicted what was coming, huh?]

10:01 @mhaubs: Rasheed Wallace remembering tonight that he should have been the best low-post scorer of his generation.

10:02 @ESPNLandOLakers: Big Shot Jackpot guy misses by 58 feet. 20,000 fans worry it's an omen. BK

10:02 @jon_e_nichols: Zero complaints about this game. I'm more impressed by players playing their hearts out despite their struggles than I am by hot shooting.

10:03: @johnhollinger: This reminds me so much of Gm 7 Spurs-Pistons. San Anto rallied in fourth in that one. Queens duo keeping LA close enough to do same here.

10:03 @LakersReporter: Be interesting to see how the coaches manage minutes here. Players have to be tired after 3 slug-fest quarters.

10:05 @KevinDing: That's why Doc was reluctant to play Big Baby this series. Lakers can just go over him, as Pau just did.

10:05 @russbengston: Kobe is definitely getting other people involved tonight. Unfortunately, most of them are Celtics.

10:10 @johnhollinger: I'll put it this way: If Shannon Brown fouled Rondo, then Kevin Garnett sure as heck fouled Artest.

10:11 @skindoeshoops: This Game 7 is about as classic as the last decade of the Rolling Stones' output

10:12 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers guards have to recognize when Pau is trailing Garnett up the floor, and tighten up on Rondo so he can't make the lob. BK

10:12 @skindoeshoops: Well, if the NBA is fixed then Kobe is in on it RT @RicBucher If no one has said it, I will: Kobe is having a nightmare.

10:14 @junior_miller: This series has been such high quality ball--until tonight. It's like a mid-90's Knicks-type game. T-minus 9 min for Kobe to wake up

10:14 @KDonhoops: Kobe is 1-2 on getting those Kevin Durant calls tonight.

10:18 @forumbluegold: Man. That hump LA needs to get over is like Mt. Everest right now.

10:18 @STEIN_LINE_HQ: Is it safe yet to call this one of those Artest > Ariza nights?

10:19 @forumbluegold: I understand now. The refs were saving all their calls for the 4th quarter.

10:21 @RicBucher: We’re used to Kobe putting teams away. He’s keeping the Celtics in this one.

10:21 @kpelton: Glen Davis +6, Rasheed Wallace +1. Wallace's fifth foul isn't the worst thing in the world.

10:21 @basketballtalk: maybe putting the Lakers at the free throw line is the best thing Boston can do

10:23 @mcten: The Fisher Fling returns to its kingdom

10:24 @mcten: Like in Game 3, the plays being made down the stretch for L.A. are by people not named Kobe Bryant

10:25 @EricPincus: Derek Fisher just passed Michael Jordan on all-time NBA FInals made three-pointers 43 for DFish, 42 for MJ

10:26 @bruce_arthur: KG, 7-12. Fisher, 4-6. Baby, 2-4. Everyone else: 35-114.

10:26 @DanWolken: The 2008 Memphis Tigers think the Lakers can’t shoot free throws.

10:29 @johnhollinger: I'm a little puzzled Boston is running so much stuff for Ray Allen and so little for Paul Pierce.

10:30 @mhaubs: In a game of incredible defense, Ray Allen is one of the few to have several good looks. Killin' the C's right now.

10:32 @junior_miller: Alert: Kobe's head is now back on his shoulders! He's got 20 and 13--and the lead. He's saving his reputation like he did his marriage

10:32 @LarryCoon: You just know some hater is going to say Kobe intentionally sucked for three quarters so he could be the hero in the fourth.

10:34 @LakersReporter: Cannot stress enough how critical the crowd has been here for L.A.’s defense, willing stop after stop.

10:34 @RicBucher: On the flip side: Kobe w/15 rebounds. Putting his imprint on game even w/ shot not falling.

10:34 @MFollowill: @skindoeshoops the power of Hennessy

10:34 @mcten: Feels like 19,000 people just undid their belts and unzipped their pants after Thanksgiving dinner ... the pressure's been released

10:36 @ESPNLandOLakers: This game could be the most persuasive argument ever for shortening the regular season. BK

10:37 @joe_sheehan: “Big Shot Rob,” meet “Big Swish Fish.”

10:38 @KevinDing: No idea what Pierce is doing with that blocking foul.

10:41 @KDonhoops: Soft?

10:42 @KevinDing: Driven into the weight room by the 2008 NBA Finals loss, Pau muscles the double-clutch layup in. Lakers 76, Celtics 70 ... 1:30 left.

10:42 @KDthumderup: Toughhhhh pau, touughhhhh

[That’s Kevin Durant]

10:43 @skindoeshoops: If the Lakers had been playing like this earlier in the game would this even be close right now?

10:45 @mcten: Remember, Sheed was on that 2000 Blazers team that wilted in the 4th quarter in this building

10:45 @Kenny_Maybe: Consolation game begins 30 minutes after conclusion of Celtics vs Lakers.

10:45 @SI_LeeJenkins: As ugly as it's been, the banner won't look any different

10:47 @ESPNLandOLakers: This game was played in Bizarro-World. AK

10:48 @KDonhoops: I ask again, soft?

10:48 @KDthumderup: Pau gasol for finals MVP…without him u lose!!

10:48 @tomhaberstroh: Kobe just made two TERRIBLE decisions with the game on the line.

10:48 @MFollowill: Rasheed and Ron Artest raining cold blooded 3's w/ a title on the line...somebody hold me I'm scared

10:51 @ESPNStatsInfo: Celtics blew 15 double-digit leads during the regular and postseason. That's the 2nd most in the NBA only to Memphis (17)

10:52 @mcten: Like one of those 30 for 30 ads: "What if I told you the Lakers season would come down to 2 Sasha Vujacic free throws?"

10:53 @haralabob: Very few coaches use a great FT shooter off the bench in these late game scenarios - but its always a treat when they do

10:59 @MFollowill: Sasha Vujacic icing a finals at the line...somebody hold me, I'm really scared now

10:59 @SI_ChrisBallard: Ron Artest just thanked his psychiatrist on national TV. Then hugged Doris Burke. Man, I love Ron Artest

11:01 @hoopshype: So last points of season came from Artest, Wallace, Rondo on a 3 (!) and Vujacic. NBA: Where amazing happens

11:03 @KDonhoops: Why Kobe Bryant's wife gets to stand in front of someone who works as hard as Frank Hamblen, I'll never understand.

11:04 @russbengston: The podium should be Stern and Lakers players/coaches/execs ONLY. Shameful.

[Could not agree more with the previous two tweets]

11:04 @johnschuhmann: Lakers didn't have balloons, but they had a e-mail prepared to announce the parade. Was sent out just minutes after the buzzer.

11:11 @tomhaberstroh: So… Ron Artest’s psychiatrist: MVP?

11:11 @AndreHoops: Everything Kobe gets, he deserves--and he doesn't have to say anything publicly.. but he should buy his teammates cars 4 their work tonite.

11:11 @mhaubs: I picked ORL over LAL before season, ultimately b/c I thought Artest would kill em at some pt. The shrink killed me.

11:13 @MikeBacsik: From a Mavs perspective, DJ Mbenga is only a ring behind Bill Wennington. Watch out Bill!

11:14 @DuranLA: Rasheed Wallace outside of the refs locker room. Security telling him they're not coming out. Shed says "just wanna talk"

[The insanist of the insane]

11:17 @DuranLA: Sheed finally walks away to bus - IN FULL UNIFORM with sunglasses on

11:18 @chadmillman: Lakers money line, celtics to cover and the under: just like the wise guys drew it up.

11:22 @johnshuchmann: So they got ... 5 games for that $19M? RT @johnhollinger: Bombshell from Doc: "I don't know if Rasheed will ever play again."

11:25 @johnshuchmann: 4th quarter of Game 7 was the Lakers' 2nd most efficient Q of the series (30 points on 21 poss.)

11:32 @johnshuchmann: And the +/- leader for the series? Ron Artest: +40.

11:44 @johnshuchmann: Crazy tho. Artest's +/- by game: +26, 0, -12, +1, 0, +26, -1

11:48 @mhaubs: Phil said before series that KG-Gasol was key matchup. Pau outrebounded him 18-3 tonight.

11:58 @mcten: Daniel Artest screaming outside Lakers locker room: "What can they say about Ron right now!!!!!"

12:21 @johnshuchmann: Great job by BBarry on NBA TV calling Kobe out 4 forcing in 1st half. Asked him if PJ talked 2 him. Kobe: No. "I know when I'm f'ing up."

12:22 @johnhollinger: If you bet on Jeff Foster getting a prolonged shout-out from Ron Artest after winning Game 7 tonight, you are now a millionaire.

12:28 @johnhollinger: Fittingly, Artest walks off with the podium Wheaties Box, having replaced Brian Scalabrine as the greatest post-Finals interview ever.

1:22 @daldridgetnt: And holler if you had Ron and the Machine putting the game away in the last minute. I’ll wait over here.

1:24 @lazenby: On June 17th the Lakers franchise won its 17th professional basketball championship.

1:27 @dexterfishmore: For the series, the Lakers scored 1.06 points per possession to the Celtics’ 1.01.

1:35 @dexterfishmore: The list of NBA players with fewer rings than Adam Morrison is really, really long.

1:40 @THE_REAL_SHAQ: Congratulations Kobe, u deserve it. U played great. Enjoy it man enjoy it. I know what ur sayin "Shaq how my ass taste"

2:05 @mcten: Kobe's dad, Joe, came out of the tunnel headed towards the locker room and said to Jim Hill, "Now we start working on the other hand"

2:16 @derekfisher: Drive for 5 complete!!!

[Thanks for a great season, twitfam!]

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game 6 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 6 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 6 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:19 @forumbluegold: Ron has a much better feel for Pierce early. Forcing him left and using his reach to bother his dribble. Forced that TO on a panicked pass.

8:19 @KDonhoops: Three assists on eight good makes for LA. It doesn't always have to be ball movement that leads to an assist.

8:25 @KDonhoops: Three bad closeouts, two on Artest threes, for Pierce thus far.

8:26 @kpelton: This series is like a person with amnesia. What happened last game is irrelevant.

8:29 @ESPNLandOLakers: Gasol genetically wired to make the right pass, even if it means feeding Artest in the corner. Worked twice so far. LA +8. BK

8:35 @KevinDing: Lakers really helping each other beautifully on defense, living up to promises. Only one instance where Artest wouldn't leave Pierce.

8:40 @KDonhoops: [Three] bad, unnecessary fouls for Sheed, nearly a [fourth], and he's still complaining and near a T even with Perk limping off the court. Unreal

[It's who he is, most selfish player in all of sports]

8:43: @mcten: Anybody remember Jordan Farmar diving to the floor for a loose ball when he got the start vs. Houston with Fish suspended last year? Deja vu

8:43 @kpelton: Will we see that Jordan Farmar dive as much as we saw Rondo's?

8:50 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers getting a lot of mileage out of Gasol distributing from the high post. BK

8:55 @KevinDing: Farmar throws down on KG and glares back at him while Spike Lee does a wild dance.

8:56 @KevinDing: Pierce gets layup. Phil not messing around, calls TO. Lamar looks at his teammates, pats chest and says: "My fault, my fault."

[Always loved that Phil will use his timeouts to get his team to play the right way, not insult them by thinking they need help managing a game]

8:59 @johnhollinger: Josh Powell in the game. DJ Mbenga's publicist crestfallen.

9:03 @forumbluegold: If Powell is going to play, he has to rebound. I couldn't care less about his missed jumper, but he's got to hit the glass hard.

9:11 @johnschuhmann: Celtics scored on just 14 of their 44 first half possessions.

9:13 @TheAdam9: If the Lakers come back to win the series, will this be the worst, or next to worst stab to the heart for Paul Pierce? (yes, I'm terrible)

9:19 @jadande: Think LA hasn't gotten more physical tonight? Christina Aguilera just elbowed me in the gut. I'm serious

9:32 @haralabob: C's defense is nearly 3 points worse on defense per 100 possessions with Perkins off the floor - no bueno

9:34 @DuranLA: Staples Center NBA Finals "Where Hot Chicks Eat McDonalds Behind the Stairs In White Dresses Happens"

9:41 @RicBucher: Not to rain on LAL, but only difference 2nite is effort. Nothing prevented them from playing w/more of this kind of ball movement, D in Bos.

9:41 @LakersReporter: LA radio voice Spero Dedes after Shannon Brown fastbreak dunk: "The Lakers have punched the bully in the mouth in Game 6."

9:47 @LakersReporter: The play Phil Jackson ran out of the time out to get Brown that oop has worked all season long, and last year too.

9:50 @marcel_mutoni: The Laker bench needs to watch an animated film before the presser. RT @SekouSmithNBA: Bench scoring: LA 21, Celtics 0!

[It ended 24-0 in the competitive portion of the game]

9:52 @KDonhoops: Ron Ron's perked up. Setting screens off the ball, good clear outs, entry passes, enthused. Almost child-like. Good to see. He's also nuts.

9:53 @forumbluegold: This is the Pau that was playing in the first 3 games. Welcome back to the low block, Big Spaniard.

9:58 @mcten: You know it's a team night when Jordan makes that swing pass to Sasha. Differences are being put aside for a common goal

9:59 @LarryCoon: Hard to imagine a nastier sideline trap than from Artest & Vujacic....

10:01 @mcten: Lakers lead 76-51 after three quarters. Phil said he had a good feeling about this one going into it. Trust the man's intuition

10:03 @LarryCoon: Halfcourt shooter for big cash prize was booed mercilessly for lousy shot. Doc Rivers, on the other hand, offered the guy a 10-day contract.

10:03 @ESPNStatsInfo: After 3 quarters, Garnett-Allen-Pierce-Rondo have scored all 51 points. Rest of the team is 0-9 from the floor

10:05 @KevinDing: I've said this before, but that was the same lazy pass that Farmar threw that broke Kobe's finger.

10:18 @KevinDing: I've said it before AND before. That was the same lazy pass that Farmar threw that broke Kobe's finger.

10:18 @KevinDing: And Jordy benched.

10:27 @KDonhoops: Let the record show that, before gar-bage time, BOS managed under 75 points per 100 possessions, 33 percent shooting.

10:33 @KDonhoops: Shelden Williams has the best plus/minus on the Celtics. #eatRawFishNotRawStats

10:41 @johnschuhmann: 67 points on 87 possessions for the Celtics. Don't think Kendrick Perkins' helps that.

11:46 @johnschuhmann: Celtics shot 33%. Their worst shooting game of the year (105 games) & second worst of last 10 postseasons (100 games).

11:48 @KDonhoops: Kobe gets it. He just does.

11:50 @johnschuhmann: Also the worst any team has shot against the Lakers this season.

12:05 @johnschuhmann: 10 FTA were Celtics' fewest of the season & fewest in the postseason since 5/2/92.

12:09 @johnschuhmann: Celtics' FTA game by game: 36, 26, 24, 23, 13, 10. I imagine they don't want that trend to continue on Thursday.

[After G1/G2 controversy, they have just stopped calling fouls for the most part. Which helps Boston, probably why they are still alive.]

12:48 @TrueHoop: Ron Artest on Shannon Brown's jumping ability: "He's got gifted fibers or something."

1:45 @Hoopdata: Boston's 36.3% eFG% on game overall is their second worst performance of the season (11/20 35.6% vs Orlando).

1:46 @Hoopdata: Boston's 75.3 OffEff their worst performance all year. Previous low was 83.0 (2x, vs Orl/Sac).

1:47 @Hoopdata: Lakers' 75.3 DefEff their best performance all season. Previous best 79.4 vs Milwaukee.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game 5 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 5 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 5 of the Finals (times CDT):

7:18 @KevinDing: In the most shocking development of the series to date, the Lakers have yet to be called for a foul through 7:02 of play!

7:23 @mcten: Kobe's high school coach Gregg Downer along with former Lower Merion teammate Doug Young are in the building

7:32 @forumbluegold: I like that the Lakers are pushing the pace a bit more this game. Getting chances against a Boston D that isn't quite set.

7:32 @haralabob: As good as BBD has done offensively vs Odom, Odom can take him off the dribble in ISO with ease

[I've been calling for this all series]

7:37 @lazenby: Gasol bears part of the blame with Artest for the screen and roll breakdowns with Paul Pierce

7:45 @mcten: From ESPN Stats & Info: Lakers are 6-for-11 from < 5 feet and 2-for-16 from > 5 feet

7:51 @forumbluegold: It all starts with getting defensive stops for the Lakers. Stops = cross matches and open court chances.

7:59 @lazenby: Kobe, pass the ball

7:59 @KDonhoops: Kobe's FG % percentage off of pump fakes is like .000001, and still he doesn't get it.

8:01 @forumbluegold: Kobe seems frustrated by the C's defense on him right now. He's getting knocked off his dribble and he's hunting fouls, not good shots.

8:05 @KevinDing: Gasol has taken 3 of Lakers' 41 shots and has no trips to the line.

8:05 @KDonhoops: Los Angeles' two-man game often only ends with one option.

8:07 @haralabob: I think Pierce pouted that last play bc he didn't get the ball - thats amazing

8:08 @kpelton: That's cool, Paul Pierce. It's not like this is Game 5 of the Finals or anything.

8:08 @AndreHoops: When you're a professional, and you're upset at your point guard for not getting you the ball--you say "no problem" during interview. #truth

["Professional" is not a word you associate with Paul Pierce. Classless thug is as classless thug does.]

8:08 @forumbluegold: I can't remember the last 2 man game between Pau and Kobe at the elbow.

8:09 @johnschuhmann: Crazy: Celtics either scored or turned it over on their first 19 possessions of the 2nd Q.

8:27 @forumbluegold: Phil is telling players to be ready to shoot upon the catch. Agree 100%. C's help/recover is great, but LA not ready to shoot helps Boston.

[They have passed up a ton of open shots to let defenders get back into plays this series]

8:28 @johnschuhmann: Celtics' 43 possessions: 22 scores, 11 turnovers, & 2 possessions that ended quarters. Result: Lakers w/ just 8 def. reb.

8:29 @KDonhoops: Too early to go to 4th Q offense, LAL. You had the right idea on the first possession, go back to it.

8:32 @mcten: Pau careless with another defensive rebound outlet pass. He's done that several times this series

8:37 @forumbluegold: Boston's spacing on the weak side for Pierce is what the Lakers need to give Kobe. PP's isolations are there b/c spacing = late helpers.

8:44 @lazenby: Lakers like to spread the floor and surprise teams that overplay at times like these, but the Celtics avoid excessive overplaying.

8:45 @haralabob: Is it okay to not overreact to Kobe and pay attention to everyone else when its clear he is disregarding everyone else?

8:48 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers now just looking to hand it back to Bryant on every trip. If they do that, it's over. BK

8:50 @mcten: Anybody who wanted evidence for the "Kobe doesn't make his teammates better" argument should DVR this 3rd quarter

8:50 @johnhollinger: The Lakers have ONE defensive rebound in the last TWENTY ONE minutes. Totally wasting the best Kobe performance of these Finals.

8:55 @basketballtalk: Farmar 1 on 5, and you could tell he thought about it.

8:55 @KDonhoops: What's the longest time Luke Walton has held on to the ball in his career. Four seconds?

[He's the anti-Kobe]

8:59 @forumbluegold: In all honesty, I think the Lakers only need two stops and two buckets and this game turns. Just not sure if the Lakers can get either.

9:01 @johnhollinger: But hey, the Lakers are improving. They got two defensive boards in 3rd quarter after getting only one in 2nd.

9:01 @AndreHoops: During a 3 minute and 18 second span of the 3rd quarter, Kobe Bryant outscored 3 days worth of offense from the 2010 World Cup.

[And took more total shots]

9:02 @russbengston: If Kobe's teammates are so much better than those of certain other superstars, where are they?

9:05 @KevinDing: Gasol was open inside there, but Farmar missed him to give it to Kobe. Then Pau pushed off.

[Example of how the turnover is not always the fault of who got it in the box]

9:13 @LakersReporter: One reason Pierce has 19 field goal attempts tonight: Fisher's been all over Allen (8 FGA's), officials allowing for physical D.

9:26 @ArashMarkazi: Kobe Bryant has 33 points and no one else on the team is in double-digits. Forget 2008. Is this 2006?

9:27 @mcten: Lil Nate is 10 feet from the huddle clapping and looking at fans in the stands. Sheed joins him. This is the team that's beating you, LA

[That's what is galling; rivalry or no, this is just a team full of miserable human beings]

9:27 @johnschuhmann: All those Boston turnovers in the 1st half & at this point, they have just 1 more than LA (who has 5 in the 4th).

9:35 @KevinDing: A fan just threw something and hit Odom.

9:35 @KevinDing: Big Baby Davis looks up at the crowd and asks: "What're you doing?"

[Meanwhile, I get a tweet from @listen2drescher telling me to "suck it" because I do not approve of fan violence. The incident and that reaction are the Boston fan in a nutshell]

9:36 @forumbluegold (and many others in my feed, both Lakers and independent) Stay classy, Boston

[Apparently it's only Boston fans that approve of fan violence]

9:38 @noamschiller: And of course, Mark Jackson likes the Pierce-on-5 offense. How long until he signs with the Clippers?

9:38 @LakersReporter: Up 5 with the ball in final min. was Orlando's situation before L.A. came back to win Game 4 in last year's Finals.

9:40 @forumbluegold: That's not reviewable? Wow. That's loophole, huh?

[Not sure why it wasn't a jump ball there, even at that - whistle with the rebound battle going on]

9:43 @ESPNForsberg Paul Pierce wrestles the ball away from Kobe with 38.9 seconds to play. WIM (wants it more). Story of the series.

[That wasn't wanting it more; that was two guys simultaneously fouling one with no call, getting the ball as a result (Pierce and Garnett both hold Kobe's left arm in the photo)

9:45 @kpelton: That was a clinic in how not to intentionally foul.

9:47 @lazenby: Missing free throws, not fouling on Rondo's layup, not fouling Rondo in the open court. Artest gets the bizness, but it was a team failure

9:48 @haralabob: Why Does Allen pass the ball should also be asked. RT @briancmahoney: How do the Lakers not foul Rondo there? Awful awareness and reactions.

9:52 @eussbengston: Kevin Garnett, putting the "pro" in profanity since 1995.

10:03 @LakersReporter: Phil said Kobe struggled in 1st half, got ankle re-taped at HT before coming out & scoring the team's first 19 points.

10:13 @tuffyr: Shrek and Donkey: 4 pts, 3 rbs, 22 min. As sequels go, it lived up to its namesake.

10:30 @KevinDing: Odom said he thought he was hit by a tiny vodka bottle late in game but wasn't sure.

10:34 @KevinDing: Bynum said knee has swollen some and will more on morning flight home but already promising he will play Game 6.

10:47 @LakersReporter: As much as Kobe would say about his ankle: "I just tweaked it a little. Just re-taped it."

11:01 @johnschuhmann: Gasol took 12 shots tonight. 6 of them came off his own offensive rebounds. Bryant missed more shots than any of his teammates took.

[And that seems like the perfect note on which to end this recap]

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Game 4 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 4 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 4 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:09 @sambot5k: hey abc? why do always open with this horrible nauseating camera angle. can you fix it, please?

8:09 @mcten: Lakers run an excellent inbounds play, but KG blocks Bynum who has zero lift with that knee of his

8:11 @forumbluegold: Two P&R's with Pierce as the ball handler. I expected that earlier in this series, but it's here now. Time to adjust.

8:12 @russbengston: Andrew Bynum is moving like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar out there. Of course Kareem is 63 years old.

8:29 @KDonhoops: Nate's in, and that was a makeup call for the cheap FTs Pierce got on his first drive of the game.

8:33 @cgrock24: Look closely & you will see that Rasheed kicked Pau in the shin.

[Disappointing that the announcers did not point out this obvious fact]

8:34 @KevinDing: Odom giving it to Farmar so much after he doesn't switch back to Nate Rob that Artest, who had recovered to Pierce, doesn't even try to.

8:34 @johnschuhmann: Now that quarter was both slow (21 possessions each) AND ugly (18 total scores).

8:35 @kpelton: 1Q Offensive Ratings: Celtics 86.4, Lakers 76.2.

8:36 @LAIreland: Hubie Brown would say: "If I'm LA, I'm worried that I have 16 1st qtr pts. If I'm BOS, I'm worried that Ray Allen is 1 of his last 19."

8:38 @RicBucher: Never seen Kobe have to work this hard to get shots. Left ankle is clearly not right. Can't see it improving as series goes on.

8:43 @LarryCoon: Van Gundy just used "Davis" and "undersized" in the same sentence.

8:43 @RicBucher: Doc last Xout: "If we get these shots all nite, we'll score a ton of points." Not win, just score. Odd 4 Doc. Usually shows more confidence.

[He didn't know Bynum would leave yet, no reason for confidence at that point]

8:45 @basketballtalk: @cgrock24 Artest isn't getting the help behind him he was before, Bynum is much slower to rotate to help right now. As on Big Baby basket.

8:45 @johnschuhmann: Nate Robinson has given a lift to both offenses in the 2nd quarter.

8:46 @forumbluegold: Odom is struggling with Baby the way that he's struggled the past two seasons with Craig Smith. Wide body, good feet, skilled at the hoop.

8:49 @ESPNLandOLakers: Is Nate Rob hitting his first two shots a good thing or a bad thing for Boston? BK

[Turned out to be good, but I'm guessing that's about a 1 in 4 prop for them]

8:49 @lazenby: Big Baby is an XXX factor

8:49 @ToureX: Not a pretty game so far. If this game was a girl you wouldn't think about picking her up til like 1 or 1.30am.

8:50 @danielbuerge_LA: I am looking forward to Rasheed's book once he retires entitled - "I've Never Committed A Foul, and So Can You!"

8:50 @ bandwagonknick: I don't know if I ever want to hear that crackhead howl from Sheed again after that last foul on Pau.

8:57 @lazenby: Lakers are starting to put pressure on Boston. Time for the Celtics to start thinking, to get that first fearful vision of being down 3-1

9:05 @johnschuhmann: Celtics had 0 turnovers in their first 19 possessions. They've had 6 in their last 22.

9:06 @LarryCoon: If the Lakers would just take care of the ball, they'd be up 15 right now.

9:07: @forumbluegold: Not to complain about the refs, but when Pau drives and gets bodied, is that not a foul? If that's a guard from either team, it's a whistle.

9:07 @SI_LeeJenkins That Gasoft stuff is so 2008

9:10 @LakersReporter: L.A. made 10-of-15 FG's in the 2nd Q after just 7-of-20 in the 1st to jump in front of Boston. ...

9:10 @johnschuhmann: 2nd quarter (52 points on 43 possessions) much more efficient than the 1st (35 on 42).

9:10 @LarryCoon: If this was a high school game, I think both teams would be running laps.

9:20 @forumbluegold: Lakers losing on the glass 21-20, have already allowed 7 ORB, and only grabbed 3 of their own. Plus they have 7 TO's. But still up 3.

9:23 @KevinDing: Kobe had 4 turnovers (more than the 3 for all his teammates combined) against two assists in 1st half.

9:25 @johnschuhmann: That 2nd quarter was actually the 3rd most efficient (both teams combined) quarter of the series so far.

9:32 @KevinDing: Celtics fan behind me upon seeing KG hit Pau in the face: "That's it! That's it!"

[Crowd's full of thugs too, eh?]

9:36 @forumbluegold: If Bynum's knee brace gets any bigger, he'll have a Toyota attached to his leg.

9:37 @LarryCoon: Am I wrong, or would the best way to get Perkins that 7th tech be to put Vujacic on him?

9:38 @lazenby: What the Lakers coaches really think of Thibodeaux's defense? It only works because modern players are too selfish to pass the ball.

9:39 @johnhollinger: Nice stand there by Pau by the way. Perk was jawing and bumping, trying to get into his head '08 style. Didn't work.

9:44 @Anthony_Carter: It was 3 seconds. They didn't start the shot clock until the ball crossed half court. Watch the replay!

9:45 @KDonhoops: I remember LO's first game against KG. Ate him up. Lamar even dunked on KG. KG has gone at him hard ever since.

9:47 @KevinDing: Gasol standing up to Perkins during stoppage in play. Kobe for 2nd time this game comes over to bark at Perk in Pau's defense.

9:48 @Mike_Bresnahan: Shades of 2008 Finals: Gasol getting shoved from the post almost to the 3-point line by Perkins; Odom doing next to nothing.

9:58 @@bruce_arthur: Because frankly, he doesn't give a damn. RT @russbengtson Sheed's new nickname should be "Dark Gable." #astacheandastash

9:58 @LakersReporter: Whistle was buried in the 3rd, both teams battling fiercely, as BOS cut 1 pt off L.A.'s 3-pt HT lead. 62-60 L.A., 12 min to go.

10:00 @johnschuhmann: The 1st quarter's reign as the Ugliest Quarter of the Series is over. Same amount of points, 1 extra possession in the 3rd.

10:01 @mcten: From ESPN Stats & Info: Kobe drew 8 fouls in Gm 1 (win), 2 in Gm 2 (loss), 5 in Gm 3 (win), just 1 so far in Gm 4.

10:02 @kpelton: Look, I'm a big process guy, but at what point when the Celtics keep shooting around 40% do we stop calling them good shots?

10:04 @KevinDing: Back-to-back BOS layups over Odom. Lack of Bynum noticeable.

10:02 @kpelton: Lakers go back to 1-2 pick-and-roll in the fourth quarter. Poor execution by Farmar.

10:05 @forumbluegold: Nate got on the ground and Farmar didn't. That's the difference between winning and losing, Jordan.

10:06 @ESPNLandOLakers: Per ESPN stats and info: Deflections in 3rd quarter: Celtics: 10 Lakers: 0

10:09 @KevinDing: It's now 4 layups and one FT-line jumper for Ray Allen in succession as BOS preys on Bynum-less paint. Celtics lead, 70-64.

10:14 @russbengston: Rasheed Wallace is out of his fucking mind.

10:14 @KevinDing: Rasheed pulls a Sasha and makes this about him, risking stalling the team's momentum.

10:14 @haralabob: That tech was a long time coming, what on earth, and what is he complaining about he raked him across the arms.

10:15 @briancmahoney With Nate, Sheed, and Artest out there, this might be the most unstable group ever assembled on an NBA Finals floor.

10:15 @KevinDing: Artest is talking to Nate Rob behind the play. Ron is unhappy with the Celtics flexing muscles to crowd and preening.

10:17 @russbengston: Nate, Baby, Sheed and KG are gonna have a crazy-off later.

10:19 @ESPNLandOLakers: The Celtics have yet to discover much composure from the creature comforts of home. AK

10:19 @johnschuhmann: 8 possessions, 19 points for the Cs to start the 4th. Their bench is +5, +6, +7, +9 for the night.

10:20 @jadande: Just to show how dumb that Nate Rob tech was, Rasheed was the guy trying to get him to stop acting tough in Lamar's face.

10:21 @tribjazz Rather lose with class guy like Ray Allen shooting 0-for-13 than win with antics of Rasheed Wallace and Nate Robinson.

10:23 @kpelton: Lakers finally get a stop in the fourth quarter. It only took 7:01.

10:25 @KevinDing: Main reason Boston is about to tie the series: Celtics outscoring Lakers in paint, 48-30 -- again showing Bynum's value.

10:26 @RicBucher: With Bynum out, the matchups revert to '08. And it's playing like it.

10:34 @forumbluegold: Mistakes. Too many mistakes.

10:39 @forumbluegold: Kobe and Pau may have 51 points, but it's their 11 turnovers that have really hurt the Lakers. 2 in the last few possessions were killers.

10:40 @13thirtyone: @forumbluegold this game is similar to game 2, in terms of the amount of TOs the lakers commited at end game situation.

10:42 @johnschuhmann: 34 points for the Cs in the 4th. Took them 21:13 to score 34 to start the game.

10:43 @LakersReporter: Not surprising that backs-to-wall Boston won hustle stats. 20-7 second-chance pts, 54-34 points in paint (no Bynum), 41-32 reb.

10:46 @johnschuhmann: Celtics scored 96 points on 85 possession. Who would've thought an hour ago that it would be their most efficient game of the series?

11:08 @dexterfishmore: The Celtics scored on 16 of 20 possessions in the fourth quarter.

11:09 @forumbluegold: Doc saying that he hopes the league rescinds 'Sheed's T. Why? ...

[If they really reviewed he'd be getting another in games 3 and 4]

11:15 @LakersReporter: Phil sums up game: "(The Celtics) had their backs to the wall tonight. They played desperate, and they got away with it."

11:26 @dexterfishmore: The Celtics shot 15-of-15 from the free throw line in the second half.

11:48: @johnschuhmann: The two teams combined for more points in the 4th quarter (63) than either team scored through 3 (score was 62-60).

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Game 3 in the twitterverse

Some (okay, lots of) tweets from game 3 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 3 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:10 @coachthorpe: KG commanding the front of the rim. LA needs to claim that space.

8:10 @forumbluegold: 2 fouls on Artest. It's like musical chairs with the foul trouble in this series. Your turn Ron-Ron.

8:11 @mcten: KG was holding Pau so bad that possession that he forgot to let go to contest Fish's drive

8:12 @forumbluegold: That baseline drive is open if the C's are going to go on the top side against Pau. The Lakers need to initiate more from the sideline.

8:16 @basketballtalk: The Lakers need to make baskets to slow down the Celtics in transition. Which is the exact opposite of the 1980s.

8:19 @forumbluegold: That was a nice play by Kobe. He went opposite of the pick - something the C's D loads up on on the screen side.

8:23 @KevinDing: Ray Allen is 0/4 tonight. One thing Artest accomplished: Ray was definitely shaken up when Artest leveled him for Ron's 2nd foul.

8:23 @johnhollinger: Game is devolving into yin-yang battle between Bill Kennedy's tendency to screw Cs and Bennett Salvatore's habit of screwing road team.

8:26 @ESPNLandOLakers: For a guy everyone claims can't defend, the Celts sure haven't made any effort to go at Walton. AK

8:27 @mcten: From ESPN Stats & Info: Celtics are 4-4 FG in transition; 4-15 FG in half court

[D was locked in from minute 1, it was just hard to tell at first]

8:31 @lazenby: Walton is an underrated defender, and he makes the triangle shine. Already an impact off the bench.

[He was almost as key for getting the lead as Fish was closing]

8:32 @forumbluegold: Love how the Lakers are playing those screens for Allen. Bigs are separating from their man and giving the space for Fish to run through.

8:34 @mcten: Rajon Rondo might not be the best passer in the league, but he's the best bounce passer

8:34 @coachthorpe: The battle for the most important real estate on the floor is one of the best I've seen in years. Both teams fighting.

8:36 @mcten: Great awareness by Fish with that pass

[The one at the end of the 1st for the Odom and-1 with 0.7 left].

8:38 @mcten: Lakers up 26-17 after one. Fantastic timeout by PJax turned things around for the Lake Show.

8:38 @johnschuhmann: After scoring on 6 of their first 9 possessions, Celtics scored on just 3 of their last 13.

8:38 @kpelton: Lakers +12 after Odom and 'Sheed entered the game at the midway point of the first quarter.

8:39 @LakersReporter: Stat update: After Boston started the game 3-for-3 (all KG), they made just 5-of-20 shots (25%). L.A. shot 44.4%.

8:38 @johnschuhmann: After scoring on 3 of their first 10 possessions, Lakers scored on 9 of their last 12.

8:40 @ESPNStatsInfo: Celtics in 1st quarter: Rondo/KG: 16 Pts, 8-10 FG; Rest of team: 1 Pt, 0-13 FG

8:42 @ESPNLandOLakers: Wallace with the sort of help defense I display at the rec. That is not a compliment.

8:43 @LAIreland: That's twice that Kobe has gone straight to the hoop without anybody hammering him. That never happened in '08--good early sign for LA

8:45 @KDonhoops: Fantastic spacing for LA

8:46 @mcten: Lakers up by 15 and its because of the ... Bench. That's a new one.

[It was ultimately a 32-8 run to go from down 7 to up 17]

8:47 @KDonhoops: Celtic fans react the same way to Tony Allen dribbling the ball as Laker fans react to Ron Artest shooting a three.

8:47 @mcten: Jordan Farmar never follows his shot. Ever.

8:47 @johnschuhmann: Lakers already have 5 3-point possessions. Didn't have one until 1:16 left in the 2nd quarter on Sunday.

8:48 @forumbluegold: Bad offense right now without Kobe in the game. No rhythm and everything is a jumpshot. The Lakers need to make post entries and cut.

8:49 @KevinDing: Lakers lead, 37-24. Sheed killing Celts at both ends. He comes into timeout and pats own chest as he approaches KG on bench.

8:50 @johnschuhmann: Odom: +16. Rasheed: -16.

8:51 @KevinDing: Subtly great move by Phil to start Q2 by keeping Kobe in to get Lakers rolling ... then subbing Ron in, as he must before sitting too long.

8:52 @bball_ref: Cs weak Robinson/TAllen/Pierce/Davis/Wallace unit was -17.46 +/- per 100 poss in playoffs going into game

8:53 @KDonhoops: The Garden's 24 second clock buzzer sounds like it was stolen from an Opel Cadet.

8:53 @RicBucher: Kobe to 2nd unit, last timeout: "we're running the Triangle. Get the ball into the post. Run your cuts. We haven't done that yet."

8:59 @mcten: We should start calling D-Fish the cash register. All he does is take charges.

9:04 @forumbluegold: Kobe just told the ref that KG is holding on after he sets the screen. Looked like he said "that's TWICE!"

9:05 @Matt_Calkins: Paul Pierce on Jumbotron "Make some nooooiiiiiise!!!!!" Fans to Pierce: "Make a baskkkkeeeeettt!!!"

9:06 @KDonhoops: Safe to say the short break between games hasn't affected Andrew Bynum's ability to be better than Kendrick Perkins.

9:11 @KevinDing: Gasol saved Walton by coming out after Luke picked up his dribble. Those little things are so key.

9:13 @RicBucher: Luke Walton, providing clinic for Artest on how Triangle is run. Which is why Luke has played 10min to Artest's 9.

9:14 @johnschuhmann: Very slow pace. 43 possessions for each team. They each had 50 in the 1st half on Sunday.

9:15 @KevinDing: Lakers envisioned nice complement of Luke's O and Ron's D at SF this season. In Game 101, here it is.

9:16 @lazenby: Luke helps so much the triangle execution, which helps Lakers' floor balance, which helps them get back on defense. 10 good mins for luke

9:21 @RicBucher: Tweeps, stop blaming Artest's 2 early fouls for his limited minutes. He returned, PP blew by him, O froze + Phil went right back to Luke.

9:22 @wondahbap: Kobe, you can still win Finals MVP if you keep driving and making hustle plays. No need for contested 20 footers right now.

[Remarkably, that was BEFORE halftime ended]

9:38 @KDonhoops: The tend not to show any close Laker/Celtic calls on the scoreboard that favored the C's. Just sayin'

9:40 @TrueHoop: Ray Allen has the anti-hot hand.

9:41 @ESPNLandOLakers: Is KG under the impression he made the shot. Why's he hitting his chest on the ground? AK

[Because he has an extreme, probably clinical, insecurity about being perceived as having heart]

9:41 @forumbluegold: Kobe? PUJIT 3? C'mon. Pierce has 4 fouls and Kobe lets him off easy with that pull up instead of attacking off the dribble.

9:41 @lazenby: Kobe's on that tightwire right now between being aggressive and running the offense. You just gotta live and die with that. It's who he is.

9:44 @KDonhoops: Expert help D from Kobe tonight.

9:51 @KevinDing: Bynum clearly favoring his leg as he comes out with 4:59 left in Q3. But trainer Gary Vitti checks on him and goes to sit back down.

9:56 @forumbluegold: I'd really like to see a cross screen to get Pau moving to the ball and better position in the post.

10:02 @lazenby: If the Lakers get the ball to the bigs they can regain their grip on this thing.

10:04 @johnhollinger: Abonimable offensive quarter for L.A., right from that wild jack from Kobe out of the locker room. 15 points, only two free-throw attempts.

10:04 @johnschuhmann: Pace just keeps getting slower. Only 19 possessions for each team in that 3rd Q. 62 for each team thus far.

10:07 @johnschuhmann: Celtics have just 4 turnovers. That's 4 over their last 99 possessions, which is unreal for this team.

[Foreshadowing the regression]

10:09 @KevinDing: Sheed was pushing Pau during that last stoppage. Now he shows up Danny Crawford with a lap but still no tech.

[Nobody else in the league can do that without getting rung up for a tech]

10:11 @KevinDing: That charge by Big Baby on Farmar was so strong that Jordy's unborn child felt it.

10:11 @johnschuhmann: That was 27 possessions w/o a TO for Boston before the Davs off. foul.

10:12 @DanielArtest: LA need to sign me. I’m strong enough to guard big baby.

10:14 @cgrock24: Well Well. I guess I've got it wrong. Lamar can't guard Big Baby. Glenn is a very good athlete - very agile - good coordination & balance.

10:16 @SherrodbCSN Odom is p'd off at Kobe. The two are going at it verbally as I type this. ... meltdown!

10:17 @forumbluegold: Gone missing: the Triangle offense. Too many isolations, too much dribbling, not nearly enough post entries and screens being set.

10:17 @russbengston: Big Baby floats like a hippo and stings like a rhinoceros.

10:17 @KevinDing: The refs watch video, too, you know. They've scouted Ray, whom Bynum said after last game pushes off all the time.

10:18 @LakersReporter: L.A. finally got penetration on O, as Fisher cut to the hoop for a layup, but next came another missed 3 from Kobe (9-for-26).

10:25 @lazenby: Boston's defense has forced Lakers guards into impatience. They've got to feed the post, then wait for the repost to get deeper.

10:26 @forumbluegold: The Lakers need to get into their sets faster. Too many contested shots as the shot clock is set to expire.

10:27 @forumbluegold: Bynum goes out and the C's get a lay-in. I'm thinking that's not a coincidence.

10:30 @russbengston: If the Lakers pull this out, I hope Fish makes someone say Little Rock.

10:31 @basketballtalk: Fisher is the only Laker guard that reposts consistently

10:31 @KDonhoops: I think the Celtics medic just rushed up to Doc to tell him that he had Glen Davis guarding Pau Gasol.

10:31 @johnhollinger: Great move going to Pau. Lakers were deep into their "we forgot Pau was on the team" routine til that play. No way Baby stops him on block.

10:33 @junior_miller: Derek Fisher has big balls. Ray Allen has a big bag.

10:33 @TasMelas: Kobe Bryant has not scored in the 4th and the Lakers offense has looked a hell of a lot better the last couple minutes.

10:34 @mcten: Ray Allen in Game 2 is to Ray Allen in Game 3 as John Travolta in Pulp Fiction is to John Travolta in Battlefield Earth

10:36 @lazenby: Great rotations by the Lakers with KG posting Kobe

10:37 @mcten: No matter what the final score is, the music at TD Garden obliterates the music at Staples

10:42 @russbengston: Tonight, Kobe Bryant is wearing the Zoom Fisher V.

10:42 @Geoff6598 @lazenby Ray Allen from shades of Michael Jordan to shades of John Starks

10:43 @LakersReporter: Fisher has been absurdly huge down the stretch, scoring 11 of his 16 in the 4th quarter. #clutch

10:44 @lazenby: When Tex and Phil came to the Lakers, they asked me about Fish. I told them he reminded me of Joe Dumars in terms of smarts and character.

10:44 @KevinDing: And the rest of you? RT @gtnilc: @KevinDing i now regret everything bad i said about fisher from the regular season

10:46 @MikeVacc: If Derek Fisher and Robert Horry ever played H-O-R-S-E to the death, the game would last into infinity.

10:46 @mcten: Best part about Fisher's night is we in the media said before the playoffs, "You know Fish is going to have one of those moments" & he has

10:47 @johnschuhmann: Celtics had 4 turnovers in 1st 3 quarters. 5 in the 4th.

10:49 @johnhollinger: Ray Allen, I'd like you to meet Dennis Johnson and John Starks. It seems the three of you have something in common.

10:52 @JeanieBuss: Fisher = Character Driven. "Derek being Derek making big plays." KB

10:53 @johnschuhmann: 83 possessions for the Celtics. 82 for the Lakers. Wasn't as ugly as the final score would indicate. Just really slow.

10:54 @LakersReporter: Fisher was 1-of-5 from the field heading into the 4th. He was 5-of-7 in the 4th for 11 points. #clutchgene

11:04 @KevinDing: Phil: "The job Fish did on Allen was terrific tonight."

11:04 @LakersReporter: As Jackson noted, lost amidst Fisher's 11 points in the 4th was that he was right in Allen's face (0-for-13) all game.

11:14 @j_d_hastings: @derekfisher You are my favorite person in the galaxy right now, man.

11:14 @EricPincus: ha – lakers shot 51% without kobe

11:19 @KevinDing: Doc on Pierce's bad game: "They (the refs) didn't allow him to play tonight."

[He forgot to finish the thought” “like Kobe in game 2”]

11:30 @LakersReporter: Fisher explained that when you play a 2-man game with Kobe, his man is unlikely to help off a screen, which opens the D.

11:34 @LakersReporter: Fisher offered a reason for Allen's tough shooting night: tired legs from having to guard Kobe on defense.

[Kind way of avoiding “old”]

11:37 @LakersReporter: Fisher explained that his fastbreak layup happened simply because he had a lane. Would have pulled out if closed.

11:41 @LakersReporter: Kobe: "(Fisher's) been criticized quite a bit for his age. It's a huge thrill for all of us to see him come through."

11:42 @LakersReporter: Kobe said it "changes things drastically" for him personally having Fish. "He's our vocal leader, the heart & soul of this team."

11:43 @LakersReporter: More good Kobe quotes: "(Fisher's) really the only one I listen to. The other guys are a bunch of young kids."

12:21 @LakersReporter: Had Sasha Vujacic scored at the rate he did in 19 sec. (2 points) he would have scored 288 points in 48 minutes. #justsaying

12:35 @statsbynumbers: Finals - Lakers take 2-1 in incredibly slow game - only 163 total possessions. …

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Game 2 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 2 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 2 of the Finals (times CDT):

7:11 @basketballtalk: If you didn't think KG has lost a step, Ron Artest just took him off the dribble baseline.

7:16 @RicBucher: One Celtic told me before game if refs call it tight, they don't have much chance of winning.

[So much for that idea, huh?]

7:38 @johnschuhmann: Lakers scored just 1 point on final 10 possessions of the 1st Q. Each team had 25 possessions total.

7:38 @lazenby: Lakers have given up a big quarter. Boston won the battle of the boards 13-9.

7:38 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers were +5 over the final 3 minutes of both Q1 and Q2 Thursday, tonight -8 over last 3 mins of Q1 tonight. BK

7:40 @LakersReporter: Odom picked up his 3rd foul in Game 1 with 10:20 to go in the 2nd. Tonight, he got 3 in 3 minutes in the 1st.

7:40 @johnhollinger: Lamar Odom proving he can do worse than the 2008 Finals...

7:48 @KDonhoops: Sheed and KG just flying wedge'd Rondo free, there.

7:49 @forumbluegold: The ball is not getting into the post and the Lakers are paying for it with missed jumpers and Celtic fast breaks.

7:53 @ESPNLandOLakers: I'm sure everything will be fine for the Lakers as long as Farmar keeps dribbling. BK

8:12 @KDonhoops: Kobe's head is always fouling people.

8:13 @mcten: I haven't seen a flop wake up a crowd so much since ... Oh yeah, Dragic in Game 6 in Phoenix


8:18 @basketballtalk: I wonder next year if we will see a lot of moving screens in Chicago?

8:24 @johnschuhmann: The Celtics scored 23 times in the 1st half. The Lakers scored 25 times.

8:44 @KDonhoops: Lakers give the ball right away to Pau to start the half. To take it out of bounds.

8:46 @KDonhoops: Another Kobe double of KG. Why?

8:53 @drewbelzer: To say KG has been a non-factor is an insult to non-factors.

9:05 @johnhollinger: Thought refs did well in first half but some ticky tacky calls in 3rd. Kobe and KG both got bogus 4th fouls. Thought Baby fouled Bynum tho.

9:13: @SI_ChrisBallard: Are we sure Pau wasn't talking about Paul Pierce?

9:53: @coachthorpe: Boston's ball movement in the 2nd half was superb. LA struggled all night with theirs.

9:55 @KDonhoops: Who would have thought, an hour ago, that Rondo would be the guy in this box score pic, not Ray?

9:55 @LakersReporter: After Kobe's J with 5:21 left: Bynum TO, Kobe miss, Artest TO, Fisher miss, Bryant miss, Bryant miss, Artest miss.

10:11 @LakersReporter: Key stat: Boston turned the ball over only 2 times in the 2nd half, the Lakers 7. C's also 11 FB points to L.A.'s 4.

10:12 @johnschuhmann: Celtics had 12 turnovers in their first 54 possessions & zero in their last 37. The Lakers had nine in that last stretch.

10:13 @forumbluegold: If LO could have played as well as Nate Robinson did when both replaced tired stars (Pau, Rondo) LA could have won. I feel sad saying that.

11:30 @LakersReporter: Andrew Bynum: "Of course they didn't want it more. We just played stupid. We were up 90-87 & had 4 turnovers."

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Game 1 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 1 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 1 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:13 @McTen: Every Ron-run fastbreak needs the Benny Hill theme music played behind it

8:17 @KDonhoops: Is Pau Gasol the only big man in the league that can recover and score that quickly when the chair is pulled on him?

8:29 @KevinDing: That kind of stupid pass to Kobe from Jordan Farmar was how Kobe fractured his finger in the first place. Lakers 18, Celtics 16.

8:41 @johnhollinger: If you had nine reserves playing in the first quarter, you may now collect your 1,000-to-1 bet.

8:45 @forumbluegold: Lakers off. efficiency is 108.3 after the first quarter. Celtics' is at 87.5.

8:58 @LAMase: Artest gave away 2 tix to Gm 1 in Twitter contest. Winners are on the court like Nicholson. Artest paid $18K for them!!!

[Artest may be odd, but this season I have learned that he is a fantastic guy.]

9:04 @russbengston: If you drained Andrew Bynum's knee and put it in front of Big Baby, he'd drink it right?

9:08 @ESPNLandOLakers: That's what Fisher does well- gets the guy to drive in the direction help can come. BK

9:15 @johnschuhmann: Bynum has had quite a few screens that have led to baskets.

9:20 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers +5 in last three minutes of both the first and second quarter. That's good. BK

9:20 @johnschuhmann: Much slower pace in that 2nd Q: 21 poss. each. Lakers w/ 50 points on 46 possessions. Celtics w/ 41 on 46.

[Because there were fewer free throws in the second.]

9:22 @forumbluegold: At the half, the Lakers off. efficiency is 113.6 on 57.8% true shooting. The C's are at 93.2 on 49.3% true shooting.

9:25 @lazenby: Here's good news for Lakers fans. The Celtics team that destroyed the Cavs and Magic is not on the floor in LA today.

[Yeah, they were, just a big step up in competition.]


9:49 @mdotbrown: There were less whistles when the Playboy mansion was under construction

9:55 @KDonhoops: Three combined rebounds from KG and Perkins in almost 44 minutes.

9:57 @KDonhoops: Soft?

9:59 @KDonhoops: SOFT?

10:12 @russbengston: Pretty sure Rasheed pushes all of his stuff to the arena in a shopping cart.

10:16 @johnschuhmann: Lakers' 3rd Q possessions: 1 2 2 2 x x 2 2 2 2 x 2 2 x 2 2 x 2 2 2 2 3. That's efficient.

10:19 @AndreHoops: If my man Paul Pierce wants to continue his best player in the world campaign, he'd better ask Ron-Ron to back off of him a little bit.

10:19 @KevinDing: NBA asked Phil to stop paying $ for charges drawn b/c it's technically illegal.

[NBA stands for No Fun League...oh wait.]

10:21 @KevinDing: I don't think even Celtics fans can root for Rasheed.

10:22 @lazenby: Sheed reminds me of a guy I used to hoop with at the Y. Used to drink a 6 pack fore he stepped on the floor. New meaning for the work check

10:24 @KevinDing: Rasheed, who has been fighting back problems and not practicing, just asked out of the game. He has played 15 minutes in three quarters.

[Came back later so it couldn't have been injury. Given that he had been on one of his bouts of insanity for several minutes before, I suspect he just asked out because he lost the stomach to play with the way the game was going, quitting has been his trademark for half a decade now.]

10:30 @lazenby: FB points, Lakers 10-2. Points in the paint, Lakers 42-20. Beat 'em coming and going.

10:35 @KevinDing: Artest devouring Big Baby for late dinner there symbolic of Lakers' improved paint presence since 2008 Finals.

10:35 @forumbluegold: I don't know too many SF's that could absorb a hit from Big Baby, block the shot flat footed, and then get the steal save. #Queensbridge

10:41 @bruce_arthur: Man, Kevin Garnett is going to give Kevin Garnett an absolute earful when they get back to the huddle.

[He used to be the barking rottweiler, now he's the yapping Maltese.]

10:42 @russbengston: If KG's athletic ability was a person, it would look like Rasheed Wallace.

10:48 @LakersReporter: Pau Gasol has the same number of rebounds as Garnett, Perkins, Allen and Rondo combined (12).

[Yeah, but those guys are soft, unfair comp.]

10:56 @johnschuhmann: Points in the paint: LA 48, Bos 30. Matches biggest PIP discrepancy of the season for the Celtics.

11:00 @forumbluegold: Lakers end the game with an off. eff. of 114.6, Boston ends at an even 100. Celtics winless when allowing 100+ pts in playoffs.

12:28 @LakersReporter: One more Gasol stat: his 8 offensive boards matched that of Boston's whole team.

1:40 @HoopData: Boston shot a pathetic 12-for-27 at the rim tonight. Haven't shot that bad since 1/28 game vs Orlando.

1:43 @HoopData: 13 of Kobe's 22 shots came within 10 feet, and he got to the line 10 times. 3-for-9 from beyond 10 feet on the night.

1:43 @HoopData: Boston only attempted 10 threes on the night, their lowest total since first game of playoffs against Miami.

2:36 @LakersReporter: Rajon Rondo had 6 pts in the first 3 minutes, 7 in the next 45.

[Kobe quit leaving him, after a poor start defensively he was great.]

3:03 @LakersReporter: It had been 6 games since Bryant scored 30 on the Celtics, reg. season included. Last was Game 3 of 2008 Finals.

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