Thursday, May 31, 2007


I hadn't seen anything that Jordan-like since...well, Jordan. All I can say is WOW.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thinking outside the box

In response to a bemoaning that, in having to get permission before they violate the privacy of injured or killed soldiers, they can't cover Iraq as negatively as they would like, comes from an Army infantry officer in Iraq (via Power Line):

"I'd like to make the New York Times a deal. I'll consent to them publishing my picture in the event I'm wounded when they start publishing pictures of the bureaucrats who leak details about NSA Surveillance, the Swift bank monitoring program, etc., so that the public can evaluate and better understand the whole of those stories as well."

More government transparency and accountability, serving the public's right to know...the Times should jump at this offer, shouldn't it?

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

In G.W. Bush

The 'G' stands for "Green":

The 1.3 percent drop in CO{-2} emissions marks the first time that U.S. pollution linked to global warming has declined in absolute terms since 2001 and the first time it has gone down since 1990 while the economy was thriving. Carbon dioxide emissions declined in both 2001 and 1991, in large part because of economic slowdowns during those years.

This tees up some fun trivia:

Who is the the only of the last three US Presidents not to cut carbon emissions in a growing ecomnomy in any year of his presidency?

Or the even more fun:

Who is the the only of the last three US Presidents not to cut carbon emissions in any year of his presidency?

In either case, you'd better give your victims three guesses...

The thing with the whole global warming movement is that some practice, while some just preach.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

America's Team

Even those who read their daily sports page and tune into Sportscenter on occasion may have missed it, but there is a great story developing in college sports. The Duke lacrosse team overcame an early 6-1 deficit and stormed to a 19-11 win to advance to the NCAA Final Four.

I don't usually have a rooting interest in this thing, although I enjoy it and usually try to tune into the Final Four games on ESPN. But how can you not root for Duke in the wake of the despicable lynching endured by three of their players, causing the cancellation of last season for the team and destroying the lives of three young men whose only crime was to be white and at least somewhat privileged. No need to rehash the story here, it has been very well documented, but suffice it to say that the conduct of the corrupt DA trying to secure black votes in an upcoming election and the cheerleading of countless racists and class bigots in a faction of the Duke faculty and much of the mainstream media were as shameful as the lynchings in the bad old days of segregation.

"Fight, Fight Blue Devils,
Fight for Duke and the Blue and White."

And fight for David Evans, Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty.

UPDATE 5/28/07: A campus organization asks for an apology from the group of 88 faculty bigots. I'd advise against holding your breath waiting for it.

UPDATE 5/29/07: Ultimately Duke fell just short, hitting the post twice late in trying to tie the game. Kudos to them nonetheless for what they have had to endure and overcome the last two years, they serve as an inspiration to us all.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scared sensible

Another confirmation of that old saying, the definition of a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged:

It's funny how a gun can instantly change your perspective on things, make you wish you could rewrite history.

State Rep. Michael DeBose, a southside Cleveland Democrat, discovered this lesson the night of May 1, when he thought he was going to die. That's the night he wished he had that gun vote back.


DeBose twice voted against a measure to allow Ohioans to carry concealed weapons. It became law in 2004.

DeBose voted his conscience. He feared that CCW permits would lead to a massive influx of new guns in the streets and a jump in gun violence. He feared that Cleveland would become the O.K. Corral, patrolled by legions of freshly minted permit holders.

"I was wrong," he said Friday.

"I'm going to get a permit and so is my wife.

"I've changed my mind. You need a way to protect yourself and your family.

"I don't want to hurt anyone. But I never again want to be in the position where I'm approached by someone with a gun and I don't have one."

DeBose said he knows that a gun doesn't solve Cleveland's violence problem; it's merely a street equalizer.

"There are too many people who are just evil and mean-spirited. They will hurt you for no reason. If more people were packing guns, it might serve as a deterrent.

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