Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game 6 in the twitterverse

Some tweets from game 6 that I would have retweeted/commented on had I not been so busy with, you know, game 6 of the Finals (times CDT):

8:19 @forumbluegold: Ron has a much better feel for Pierce early. Forcing him left and using his reach to bother his dribble. Forced that TO on a panicked pass.

8:19 @KDonhoops: Three assists on eight good makes for LA. It doesn't always have to be ball movement that leads to an assist.

8:25 @KDonhoops: Three bad closeouts, two on Artest threes, for Pierce thus far.

8:26 @kpelton: This series is like a person with amnesia. What happened last game is irrelevant.

8:29 @ESPNLandOLakers: Gasol genetically wired to make the right pass, even if it means feeding Artest in the corner. Worked twice so far. LA +8. BK

8:35 @KevinDing: Lakers really helping each other beautifully on defense, living up to promises. Only one instance where Artest wouldn't leave Pierce.

8:40 @KDonhoops: [Three] bad, unnecessary fouls for Sheed, nearly a [fourth], and he's still complaining and near a T even with Perk limping off the court. Unreal

[It's who he is, most selfish player in all of sports]

8:43: @mcten: Anybody remember Jordan Farmar diving to the floor for a loose ball when he got the start vs. Houston with Fish suspended last year? Deja vu

8:43 @kpelton: Will we see that Jordan Farmar dive as much as we saw Rondo's?

8:50 @ESPNLandOLakers: Lakers getting a lot of mileage out of Gasol distributing from the high post. BK

8:55 @KevinDing: Farmar throws down on KG and glares back at him while Spike Lee does a wild dance.

8:56 @KevinDing: Pierce gets layup. Phil not messing around, calls TO. Lamar looks at his teammates, pats chest and says: "My fault, my fault."

[Always loved that Phil will use his timeouts to get his team to play the right way, not insult them by thinking they need help managing a game]

8:59 @johnhollinger: Josh Powell in the game. DJ Mbenga's publicist crestfallen.

9:03 @forumbluegold: If Powell is going to play, he has to rebound. I couldn't care less about his missed jumper, but he's got to hit the glass hard.

9:11 @johnschuhmann: Celtics scored on just 14 of their 44 first half possessions.

9:13 @TheAdam9: If the Lakers come back to win the series, will this be the worst, or next to worst stab to the heart for Paul Pierce? (yes, I'm terrible)

9:19 @jadande: Think LA hasn't gotten more physical tonight? Christina Aguilera just elbowed me in the gut. I'm serious

9:32 @haralabob: C's defense is nearly 3 points worse on defense per 100 possessions with Perkins off the floor - no bueno

9:34 @DuranLA: Staples Center NBA Finals "Where Hot Chicks Eat McDonalds Behind the Stairs In White Dresses Happens"

9:41 @RicBucher: Not to rain on LAL, but only difference 2nite is effort. Nothing prevented them from playing w/more of this kind of ball movement, D in Bos.

9:41 @LakersReporter: LA radio voice Spero Dedes after Shannon Brown fastbreak dunk: "The Lakers have punched the bully in the mouth in Game 6."

9:47 @LakersReporter: The play Phil Jackson ran out of the time out to get Brown that oop has worked all season long, and last year too.

9:50 @marcel_mutoni: The Laker bench needs to watch an animated film before the presser. RT @SekouSmithNBA: Bench scoring: LA 21, Celtics 0!

[It ended 24-0 in the competitive portion of the game]

9:52 @KDonhoops: Ron Ron's perked up. Setting screens off the ball, good clear outs, entry passes, enthused. Almost child-like. Good to see. He's also nuts.

9:53 @forumbluegold: This is the Pau that was playing in the first 3 games. Welcome back to the low block, Big Spaniard.

9:58 @mcten: You know it's a team night when Jordan makes that swing pass to Sasha. Differences are being put aside for a common goal

9:59 @LarryCoon: Hard to imagine a nastier sideline trap than from Artest & Vujacic....

10:01 @mcten: Lakers lead 76-51 after three quarters. Phil said he had a good feeling about this one going into it. Trust the man's intuition

10:03 @LarryCoon: Halfcourt shooter for big cash prize was booed mercilessly for lousy shot. Doc Rivers, on the other hand, offered the guy a 10-day contract.

10:03 @ESPNStatsInfo: After 3 quarters, Garnett-Allen-Pierce-Rondo have scored all 51 points. Rest of the team is 0-9 from the floor

10:05 @KevinDing: I've said this before, but that was the same lazy pass that Farmar threw that broke Kobe's finger.

10:18 @KevinDing: I've said it before AND before. That was the same lazy pass that Farmar threw that broke Kobe's finger.

10:18 @KevinDing: And Jordy benched.

10:27 @KDonhoops: Let the record show that, before gar-bage time, BOS managed under 75 points per 100 possessions, 33 percent shooting.

10:33 @KDonhoops: Shelden Williams has the best plus/minus on the Celtics. #eatRawFishNotRawStats

10:41 @johnschuhmann: 67 points on 87 possessions for the Celtics. Don't think Kendrick Perkins' helps that.

11:46 @johnschuhmann: Celtics shot 33%. Their worst shooting game of the year (105 games) & second worst of last 10 postseasons (100 games).

11:48 @KDonhoops: Kobe gets it. He just does.

11:50 @johnschuhmann: Also the worst any team has shot against the Lakers this season.

12:05 @johnschuhmann: 10 FTA were Celtics' fewest of the season & fewest in the postseason since 5/2/92.

12:09 @johnschuhmann: Celtics' FTA game by game: 36, 26, 24, 23, 13, 10. I imagine they don't want that trend to continue on Thursday.

[After G1/G2 controversy, they have just stopped calling fouls for the most part. Which helps Boston, probably why they are still alive.]

12:48 @TrueHoop: Ron Artest on Shannon Brown's jumping ability: "He's got gifted fibers or something."

1:45 @Hoopdata: Boston's 36.3% eFG% on game overall is their second worst performance of the season (11/20 35.6% vs Orlando).

1:46 @Hoopdata: Boston's 75.3 OffEff their worst performance all year. Previous low was 83.0 (2x, vs Orl/Sac).

1:47 @Hoopdata: Lakers' 75.3 DefEff their best performance all season. Previous best 79.4 vs Milwaukee.

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